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NWA Powerrr recap & reactions (Nov. 19, 2019): Melina!

NWA Powerrr returned with episode 7 of studio wrestling from Atlanta, GA. It featured a surprise appearance from Melina, the crowd going crazy for ¿The Question Mark?, and more intrigue involving Kamille.

Nick Aldis vs Trevor Murdoch

Dave Marquez interviewed NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis. About Kamille, if she is not by his side, then assume her actions are her own and nothing to do with him. Aldis announced a non-title exhibition match against Trevor Murdoch. It was an exhibition because Murdoch is not at the front of the line yet as a contender. Aldis backhand complimented Murdoch as a tough man, but looking at the Ten Pounds of Gold behind glass may be the closest Murdoch ever gets. Aldis is giving him the opportunity to get one step closer.

Handshake to start. Murdoch powerhoused to an early advantage after clotheslines and a trio of scoop slams. Flying bulldog by Murdoch. Upset city? 1, 2, ooohhh. Aldis put his foot on the rope for the break. Murdoch went high risk again, but it did not go his way. He either botched by accident or more likely botched on purpose. Murdoch’s foot slipped while attempting a flying dropkick. He crashed down to the mat. Aldis snatched a leg to apply a cloverleaf submission. Murdoch tapped. Aldis showed respect with a handshake to the crafty bastard Murdoch.

Tag title shot for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express came out in their wrestling gear. Ricky Morton told us they have a tag title shot on the way. They are going to take the belts that belong to them anyway to become 9-time champs.

Next at the interview table was tag champs Wild Card. They will kick old fart ass. Rock ‘n’ Roll Express can kiss their ass. Dave Marquez asked Thom Latimer about his relationship with Kamille. In a low voice, “We’re just friends.”

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Ricky Starks vs ¿The Question Mark?

Colt Cabana was on commentary to scout potential National title challenger Ricky Starks. ¿The Question Mark? entered to a fan ovation.

? had momentum early with power chops. Starks turned it around by dodging a charging ?. ? went through the ropes to the floor. Starks followed with a suicide dive. They were going at it outside the ring when Aron Stevens ambushed Starks. 2-on-1 as Cabana sat there watching. ? executed a two-finger strike to Starks’ throat. Stevens cartwheeled in celebration. Finally, Cabana acted tough to stop the beatdown. Official decision was a no contest.

A new main event for this episode was announced to be Aron Stevens and ¿The Question Mark? versus Ricky Starks and Colt Cabana.

Eli Drake and Ken Anderson flapping gums

Jim Cornette and Joe Galli interviewed Eli Drake. The fans chanted for ¿The Question Mark?, so Drake referred to them a bunch of dummies. Boos rained down. Drake called out Mr. Anderson. Out he came. Anderson is sick and tired of Drake running his jibs. Anderson wanted to wrestle right now. Drake hesitated then removed his jacket. Anderson turned his back to head to the ring. That’s when Drake ambushed him from behind. Drake hit Anderson with a metal turnbuckle piece.

Allysin Kay & Ashley Vox vs Thunder Rosa & Marti Belle

Marti Belle and Ashley Vox started with back and forth action. Hot tags to their partners. Allysin Kay and Thunder Rosa engaged in heated fisticuffs. Kay executed a superplex on Rosa.

Melina! Melina! Melina!

Melina walked down to ringside. Kay gabbed at her, so Rosa rolled Kay up for the win. Rosa and Belle beat up their opponents afterward. Melina entered the ring to stand tall with Rosa and Belle as drum music beat.

The Austin Idol kayfabe cocktail commercial played.

Aron Stevens & ¿The Question Mark? vs Ricky Starks & Colt Cabana

Aron Stevens wrestled wearing a long blue scarf. He started the match with Ricky Starks. Starks rushed at Stevens. Stevens shrieked loudly and exited the rang. He tagged in ¿The Question Mark?. In another silly moment, Stevens pulled down his jeans for an underwear moon to the fans.

This was a pretty decent tag match considering neither pair teamed together before in NWA. Both squads worked well as a unit. In the end, Starks tried removing ?’s mask. Stevens raked Starks’ eyes while the referee was distracted with Colt Cabana. ? hit the two-finger throat strike on Starks. Stevens shouted to be tagged in. His wish was granted and he picked up the pin and win for his team.

Over at the interview table, Stevens proclaimed, “We did it with the power of karate.” ? corrected his pronunciation, “Ka-ra-te.”

Sorry ‘bout your damn luck

Dave Marquez was wrapping the show up when James Storm stormed over to complain about Nick Aldis in exhibition matches instead of defending the Worlds Championship. He then insulted the “bullshit” in the ring. Colt Cabana should be defending the National Championship. Storm wanted to know why Aldis gets to handpick his challengers.

Out came Kamille. She whispered in Storm’s ear. Storm smiled at Marquez and delivered his catchphrase.

The big news from episode 7 of NWA Powerrr is the surprise return of Melina. Her face has been featured in the intro montage, but I was not expecting Melina to be the phoenix behind Thunder Rosa. Thumbs up from me. I was a fan or her work back in WWE. She looks to still be in shape, so she’ll probably wrestle just as good. Allysin Kay’s days as Women’s Champion appear to be numbered. She might be able to defeat Melina but not with Thunder Rosa and Marti Belle there too.

The crowd was fantastic in this episode. Their enthusiasm for ¿The Question Mark? is contagious.

The boo/yeah interaction for Aron Stevens and ? was very funny, especially when Stevens was happy when he mistakenly thought the cheers were for him.

Overall, the wrestling was solid. It was exciting to see Trevor Murdoch almost pull the upset on Nick Aldis. Thunder Rosa once again stood out with her speed and fluidity. The main event had a nice mix of comedy that did not overshadow the action.

NWA did a great job of teasing us at the end with Kamille whispering in James Storm’s ear. I have no clue what could have been said. I doubt Nick Aldis sent her out with word of a title shot. I also don’t get the feeling that Kamille was publicly plotting against Aldis. There was the bit with Thom Latimer, and Wild Card had previously tagged with Storm. Could it have been a message from Latimer? Or maybe Kamille offered to sign this photo if Storm would leave well enough alone.

An update for the tease from Billy Corgan last week. He announced a new series, “The Circle Squared.” It appears to be a promo competition for indie talent to get signed with NWA.

Get the details here.

We’ll close with Ricky Starks dancing to, “Single Life,” by Cameo.

How do you rate episode 7 of NWA Powerrr? What was your favorite moment? Did you pop for Melina? Do you love ¿The Question Mark? as much as the fans in attendance? Guesses on what Kamille whispered to James Storm?

NWA Powerrr airs worldwide Tuesdays at 6:05 p.m. ET on NWA’s YouTube channel and NWA’s Facebook page.

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