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Elite no more!

There are several entertaining beats in the latest episode of Being The Elite. I thoroughly recommend Orange Cassidy’s BTE Mailbag answer at the 7:35ish mark.

But our man Manolo will be along Wednesday with his AEW Rewind feature to get you caught up on everything that happened in Ep. 180 of The Young Bucks’ travel-vlog-with-Dynamite-DVD-extras. What looks to be the key story elements happen from the 10:48 point onward.

Matt & Nick Jackson are worried that Kenny Omega isn’t the same guy he used to be, but Omega just remains fixated on showing the world he’s better than Jon Moxley. After Kenny leaves, Hangman Page enters and tells The Bucks that he “can’t keep being the least successful member of The Elite,” and quits the group.

Nick delivers the line that gives the episode its name, and we get a montage of happier times for Page and the crew.

Check it out:

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