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Arn Anderson is ready to do some enforcing on Daniel Tosh’s big mouth

Comedian Daniel Tosh has been taking shots at Arn Anderson for years on his Comedy Central show Tosh.0. It all stems from Tosh hating Anderson when Tosh was a child. Now that Anderson is off the chain from WWE employment, he has decided to respond to Tosh’s continuous call-outs.

The Enforcer sounds ready to do some enforcing.

“Well, here’s reality, Daniel. We live in very different worlds. When you’re in that big house, got those big luxury vehicles, got all those network executives telling you what a big deal you are, and security walking you everywhere.

I come from a very different world. I come from a shark tank. You got great whites, you got tigers, you got all kind of man-eaters, bull sharks, you name it. They’re all trying to rip you apart. We have some rules when you live in my world, Daniel. One of them is you don’t pick a fight with a guy that’s already pissed off. Probably, you don’t over-match yourself in a fight either. It’s not a good idea.

We’ve only got one last thing to deal with, don’t we? We got to figure out if your balls are as big as your mouth. See you soon, Daniel.”

Whew. That is the kind of steely promo coming from a man that enjoys inflicting pain in a cool, calm, calculated manner.

It didn’t take long for Tosh to answer back. He created a new podcast called, “The Arn Sucks Podcast.” Tosh even had “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan as a guest.

He took shots at Anderson’s technician status, riding Ric Flair’s coattails, and his man panty trunks.

Wrestling buffs call Arn a technician, which is code for unpopular or can’t sell merch. The only reason you have a career is because you were riding Ric Flair’s sparkly coattails. You ought to be thanking me for reviving his geriatric, doughy ass.
I’d like to take a minute to thank my sponsors, MeUndies. Way more comfortable than those man panties Arn would prance around in.
I’ve been living rent-free in that coward’s head since 2009.

Hacksaw added that he dumped his 2x4 because it has Arn’s stink of failure clinging to it. Arn can’t back nothing up. All he does is yap, yap, yap. The Four Horsemen were like three horses and a donkey.

Tosh’s big mouth is heading for a reckoning. I can’t wait to see him eat a spinebuster. That’s where I assume this comedy bit is leading. If so, then it should be glorious.

Anderson’s only response so far is a tick tock warning.

His weekly podcast, “The Arn Show,” comes out every Tuesday at 6 am ET. Arn will probably have something to say about Tosh’s riffs.

Who gets the edge in this round of promos, Arn Anderson or Daniel Tosh? How badly would you like to see Arn spinebuster Tosh? Would an appearance from Arn make you more likely to tune in to Tosh.0?

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