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AAA Roundup: Positive La Parka update, TV taping tonight, big boy strippers, more!

Welcome to the AAA Roundup. Let’s get caught up on news and lucha libre action from Conquista Total. A positive update on La Parka’s health, a free streaming TV taping tonight, a huge ladder superplex through tables, and big boy strippers are what is in store.

A reminder if you missed episode 5 of Lucha Capital season two, check out the results and review (here). That show featured a rat monster, stuffed iguana, and butt cheeks. One more week then the semis then the finale.

First up is an update to La Parka’s health after being hospitalized from a faulty suicide dive. La Parka was transferred from intensive care (19 days) to intermediate care and is responding to stimuli in his hands and legs. He has been moved from Monterrey back home to Mexico City to continue treatment.

AAA TV taping Sunday night

AAA is heading to Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua for a TV Taping of Conquista Total on Sunday, Nov. 17. The advertised card is:

  • Lumberjack Match: Dr. Wagner Jr., Pagano, & ??? (was La Parka) vs Blue Demon Jr., Averno, & Chessman
  • Psycho Clown, Nicho El Millonario (aka Psicosis), & Taya vs Rey Escorpion, Texano Jr., & Ayako Hamada
  • Daga vs Taurus vs Brian Cage vs Flamita
  • Murder Clown, Pimpinela Escarlata, & Mamba vs Monster Clown, La Parka Negra, & Arez
  • Niño Hamburguesa, Big Mami, & Mascarita Dorada vs Keyra, Demus, & Lady Maravilla

The show will be streamed live for free on AAA’s Twitch channel in Spanish, and maybe in English. Start time is 7 p.m. ET.

Last weekend in Torreon

AAA held a TV taping in Torreon, Coahuila last weekend. The advertised card was:

  • Dr. Wagner Jr., Psycho Clown, & Pagano vs Blue Demon Jr., Rey Escorpion, & Chessman
  • Nicho El Millonario, Aerostar, & Murder Clown vs Killer Kross, Monster Clown, & Taurus
  • Octagon Jr., Hijo del Vikingo, & Flamita vs Poder del Norte
  • Niño Hamburguesa, Lady Shani, & Dinastia vs La Hiedra, Arez, & Villano III Jr.
  • Bengala, Big Mami, & a surprise luchador (Laredo Boy) vs Lady Maravilla, Keyra, & Ultimo Maldito
  • Dragon Bane & Mr. Iguana vs La Parkita Negra & Mini Psycho Clown

There were two stories coming out of that show that caught my attention.

First, Villano III Jr. was elevated to the main story of Wagner versus Blue Demon Jr. In an in-ring promo, Blue Demon declared that he will support Villano. The direction looks to be future tag action against Wagner and his son.

Whatever the case, Villano is an exciting youngster. It is nice to see him potentially get a chance to shine up the card.

Second, AAA may be refocusing a push of Killer Kross. Konnan warned that dark nights will soon return in the form of Kross’ violence. Kross later ran down to beat up Wagner and Psycho Clown after the main event. I hope AAA actually does something important with Kross. He’s been a monstrous force for some time now, but he hasn’t had many notable moments to stack his career resume.

In the ongoing hair vs hair saga between Big Mami and Lady Maravilla, Maravilla said that it is not worth her time.

This also happened during the show.

Pagano jumped off a ladder to leg drop Chessman through a table outdoors.

And then there was Aerostar displaying his injuries after tussling with Monster Clown. He had a messed up eye and a messed up elbow.

Damn. Stay safe, spaceman.

AAA posted a highlight video of the Torreon show (here).

Conquista Total: Morelia

Let’s boogie through two weeks of Conquista Total from Morelia, Michoacan. This acted as the go-home for Héroes Inmortales XIII in October.

Note: AAA began a new trend with these shows by beginning with an unedited match. Unless Poder del Norte pulled double duty, it may be a mix of bouts that did not take place during that same event.

Part 1 (here) results:

Black Destiny defeated Skalibur, Fantastik, Rayo Star, Drake, and Genio del Aire. This was announced as a 6-way number one contender match for a lighter weight EMW title belt. The winner was strapped, so maybe it was a title match? It was pretty cool to see different talent in a match with stakes. They lit it up with moves aplenty. Top spot was a pop-up on the floor into a spear off the apron. I lost track of who’s who to name names. In the end, Black Destiny pinned Skalibur on a super Mexican Destroyer.

Eclipse Jr. defeated Mr. Iguana and Iron Kid. Top moves for this three-way were Iron Kid stepping up off the back of Iguana for a Spanish Fly to Eclipse and Eclipse catching a flying crossbody from Iron Kid then Iguana hitting both with a moonsault. Eclipse got the win via split-legged backflip splash off the ropes onto Iron Kid.

After the match, Argenis beat them all up to send a message to Myzteziz Jr. Argenis views him as disrespectful to his family, since his brother, CMLL’s Caristico (aka original Sin Cara), was the original Myzteziz.

Poder del Norte defeated Pimpinela Escarlata, Octagon Jr., & Faby Apache. Top moves were a suicide dive from Pimpi, a springboard moonsault by Octagon to the outside, and a 450 splash from Octagon. Faby accidentally hit referee Hijo del Tirantes with a flying missile dropkick. Later, Faby had a hurricanrana pin. 1, 2, Tirantes’ shoulder was in too much pain to count 3. Poder del Norte seized with a corner train attack then Mocho Cota Jr. landed a frog splash on Faby to win.

Niño Hamburguesa, Murder Clown, & Aerostar defeated Abismo Negro Jr., Monster Clown, & Texano. Top move was a suicide dive by Aerostar knocking Monster Clown and himself over the security barrier into the fans.

The finish came down to those two rivals. Monster ripped Aerostar’s mask. Aerostar responded with a backcracker, whipping Monster with the clown strap, then ripping Monster’s mask. Aerostar was victorious via super head scissors takeover. After the match, Monster stomped the spaceman.

Part 2 (here) quick results:

Poder del Norte defeated Jack Evans, Australian Suicide, & Daga. Konnan was on commentary. Top move was from Daga with a deadweight gutwrench sitdown slam. Australian Suicide ate the pin after Poder del Norte’s corner train then a frog splash from Mocho Cota Jr.

TLC: Los Macizos (Ciclope & Miedo Extremo) defeated Aramis & Toxin. Toxin was taken out early on a stretcher. I’m not sure if it was legit. If so, then it might have been from chairshots to the head. Los Macizos doubled poor Aramis. Spot of the match was a superplex to Aramis off the ladder down through a table on the floor.

Miedo Extremo finished the job with a 450 splash to win.

Lady Shani & Dinastia defeated La Hiedra & Latigo. Top move was a vertical suplex down into a backcracker by Latigo to Dinastia. Shani won the bout with a DDT and a backcracker to Latigo.

Taurus & Killer Kross defeated Laredo Kid & Brian Cage. This was an unedited bout from Mexicali, Baja California that acted as the man event. Don’t fret about Cage getting his shit in. He leaped over the ropes for a cannonball onto the others. Top move was a combo from Cage and Laredo. They demolished Taurus with a flying leg drop/powerbomb maneuver. The finish saw Taurus block a Spanish Fly then smash Laredo with a hammerlock super butt slam driver.

Poder del Norte beat up Laredo after the match. Due to out of order placement, I’m not sure why. I would guess it was Trios Championship beef.

I guess AAA didn’t like the original main event from Morelia where Blue Demon Jr. butt bounced across the ring.

We’ll close with an item that isn’t from AAA, but this is the best spot to talk about something on the the indie lucha libre scene. I introduce you to a trio that is sweeping the nation, Los Strippers Big.

Enjoy their swinging entrance.

Fantastic. Get jiggly with it as that’s a wrap for the AAA Roundup.

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