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AEW Rankings reactions (Nov. 15): Private Party got screwed

Lee South/AEW

We’ve had two weeks of rankings from AEW. Time to dive in and dissect the placements and movement for the Nov. 15 polls. Check out the rankings from last week and this week for the records and fancy graphics.

If I’ve learned anything from the College Football Playoff rankings, it is time to step on my soapbox and shout hot takes.

Men’s Singles
1. PAC (+1)
2. Cody Rhodes (-1)
3. Hangman Page (--)
4. Jon Moxley (+1)
5. Darby Allin (UR)

PAC at the top is the right call. This would be a good opportunity to make the rankings matter. PAC is the kind of guy that would demand a title shot. There’s not much more he can do to earn it. If AEW is concerned about heel vs heel, then do it on Dynamite. The fans will eat it up as a TV main event, since PAC and Jericho can put on a show.

Cody Rhodes should be permanently off the rankings. He’s not going to challenge for the World Championship again, so why have him occupy a spot?

Kenny Omega was fourth last week. Why is he off the list? His loss to Jon Moxley was unsanctioned and did not count toward his record.

What made Darby Allin move up over Omega? If the answer is balls, then I accept. Challenging Moxley is worth a bump.

Women’s Singles:
1. Britt Baker (+1)
2. Hikaru Shida (+1)
3. Emi Sakura (-2)
4. Nyla Rose (+1)
5. Allie (-1)

The women’s rankings are fine, although, it looks bush league when number 5 has a 1-2 record.

Tag Team:
1. Lucha Bros (--)
2. Santana & Ortiz (UR)
3. Young Bucks (--)
4. Best Friends (+1)
5. Dark Order (-1)

Private Party got the shaft. They went from second to off the list. Their loss was in a three-way to the tag champs, SCU. The Lucha Bros didn’t get pinned, but they still lost. A loss is a loss. Get to the back of the line, or at least out of the top spot. However, their position remains unchanged. They must have dirt on whoever makes the rankings.

Santana & Ortiz rightfully rocketed up after beating The Bucks. The Young Bucks not shifting after losing to an unranked team is odd. It is especially lame when you consider the drop of Private Party, who has a recent victory over The Bucks.

Best Friends and Dark Order flip-flopped. I can’t figure out who Best Friends beat since last week. Did AEW spoil a match on Dark? Whoever they beat better be better than Jurassic Express’ B-squad. That was Dark Order’s win.

After two weeks of rankings, I don’t think the win/loss records are going to work. AEW won’t waste TV time padding the stats with squashes. Top guys will often wrestle top guys. That is bound to make records unappealing to the eye. Maybe the numbers will look better as time passes, but I’m not optimistic. Perhaps a power rankings style with a focus on difficulty of recent wins would be more functional. If there is a steady flow of top 10 matchups, then it will work itself out without needing numerical records.

I’d like to see AEW announce a purpose for the rankings. What are they building to? What’s the benefit of being number 1? If you are in the top spot for x amount of weeks, do you get a title shot?

I’d also prefer a top 10, but I’m not sure if the roster is deep enough at the moment. A longer list would provide more incentive to matches. For example, Darby Allin moved up by winning the three-way against Shawn Spears and Peter Avalon. That bout would have been more engrossing if we had any idea Allin was close to cracking the top 5. It would have also added an extra layer to Joey Janela costing Spears a chance at the win. Spears probably would be number 5 today had he pinned Allin.

A top 10 could also be used as the way to build up mid-carders into the upper scene. Without another singles title, that would become useful in a story of knocking off challengers as a wrestler moves up the ladder.

What is your opinion of AEW’s rankings after two weeks? What tweaks would you make? Do you agree with this week’s ordering? What conspiracy theories do you have about the Lucha Bros remaining at the top?

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