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MLW Roundup: Fatu re-signed, Lawlor unsigned, Dynasty to collide, more!

Let’s catch up on this week’s news in MLW and preview Saturday night’s episode of Fusion. The Heavyweight Champ has re-signed, the former Heavyweight Champ is now unsigned, the Dynasty has been signed for a showdown between members, and Tom Lawlor and Davey Boy Smith Jr. are ready for glorious grappling on Fusion.

Transaction wire

MLW has two big pieces of news on the transaction wire for their roster.

They announced that Jacob Fatu has been re-signed to a long-term multi-year deal. Fatu provided the following statement, “This is where I wanted to be all along. CONTRA in MLW: this is my home.”

Next up is Tom Lawlor. It appears that he will be leaving MLW. Rumors say an agreement could not be reached. MLW CEO Court Bauer pretty much confirmed it.

My uninformed speculation is that Lawlor might have been offered a deal by one of the big boys and MLW was unable to match it with their limited budget. Or, perhaps Lawlor is moving on for new challenges. He’s pretty much done all he can in MLW by becoming Heavyweight Champion and being in the ring with most of MLW’s top names.

As for Lawlor’s next step, it may come soon. He isn’t accepting any bookings past 2019. If you are interested in more answers, Lawlor has a suggestion.


Of course with this being professional wrestling, there is a possibility of it being a work. They have been teasing it as Lawlor’s current story on Fusion. However, I don’t think that a work is likely. Bauer usually plays it straight on Twitter.

Tom Lawlor vs Davey Boy Smith Jr. on Fusion

In what may be Tom Lawlor’s last match in MLW, he will fight Davey Boy Smith Jr. tonight on MLW Fusion.

This bout has been six months in the making when Smith won a fan poll to wrestle Lawlor, who was Heavyweight Champ at the time. Grappling fireworks guaranteed.

In other action, Marshall Von Erich will wrestle Ikuro Kwon. This may turn into long-desired payback from Marshall after he was blinded by RED MIST from Kwon months ago. Kwon has no fear. He may implement a strategy of breaking Marshall’s hand to prevent the Iron Claw. There is also the matter of Contra having their eyes on tag team gold. Josef Samael has said Contra will make an offer the Von Erichs won’t be able to refuse.

The preview also teases Dynasty versus Dominic Garrini and Douglas James, Middleweight Champion Myron Reed making a statement, and a possible update on Salina de la Renta.

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS and PlayStation Vue Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. New episodes are posted on YouTube Mondays at 7 pm ET. Fusion is also broadcast in the UK, Ireland, Israel, and Africa.

The Dynasty to collide in the Opera Cup

The Opera Cup will be MLW’s next event on December 5th from the Melrose Ballroom in New York City. The show will be centered around an eight-wrestler tournament. The Opera Cup is an heirloom from the Hart family, and it appears they have had a hand in the matchmaking.

The first two bouts announced are:

  • Brian Pillman Jr. vs TJ Perkins
  • MJF vs Alexander Hammerstone

That’s right. Dynasty vs Dynasty. The press release states:

All week Richard Holliday and his father/lawyer have attempted to derail the Opera Cup match. MLW ultimately prevailed with the Hart family getting their wish of having the Dynasty fight each other in the historic opening round of the Opera Cup.

Alexander Hammerstone responded with ugh. I don’t believe MJF has yet to address it publicly. Richard Holliday wanted no part of being special referee. That would weigh too much on his conscience. Instead, Holliday may have his seamstress/designer make a special outfit in honor of Miss Elizabeth’s sparkly dress when the Mega Powers collided.

Could this be the end of the Dynasty as we know it? If MJF has hard feelings, at least we know DickHammer will be strong.

YBH means Your Boy, Hammer.

TJP getting back with MLW is pretty cool.

Teddy Hart injured or ‘injured’

Teddy Hart will be out indefinitely due to injury after Josef Samael fireballed him in the face last week.

League physician Dr. Sweglar, who was by Hart’s side most of the weekend, has confirmed Hart suffered severe third-degree burns to the face and forehead, with the outer layer epidermis and the inner layer of skin heavily damaged.

That also caused Hart to lose his Middleweight Championship to Myron Reed. It is tough to know if this is a storyline or cover for a legit injury. It is easy enough to have a story injury by not having Hart appear on the rest of the Orlando episodes. I think the Opera Cup will be a stronger signal. Hart was the one to present the Opera Cup to MLW. It had been in possession of Stu Hart. If Hart is not on the show, then it is likely that something is up.

We’ll leave you with two cool photos from SuperFight.


In hindsight, that may have been a way to write Frank Gastineau out of the company. He has joined AEW. Gastineau can commiserate with fellow Contra victims Fenix and Pentagon.


Salina de la Renta on Twitter

If you look closely, you’ll notice that LA Park speared Salina de la Renta with so much power that her shoe fell apart. Observe other evidence of the broken boot here from Basil Mahmud.

Are you rolling with Tom Lawlor or Davey Boy Smith Jr. to win in the main event of MLW Fusion tonight? Where do you think Lawlor will ply his trade in 2020? What you gonna do when the Dynasty collides in NYC, bro?

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