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Chris Jericho deserves all the AEW gold to become Le Double Champion

Coming out of the Full Gear PPV, AEW announced Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara will challenge SCU for the World Tag Team Championship. After a weekly GOAT to GOAT motivational phone call with Tom Brady, Jericho explained his motivation to become Le Double Champion.

Jericho isn’t wrong in what he said. He has been outstanding, untarnished, undefeated. Based on the weak records in the tag team rankings, Jericho and Guevara deserve a title shot just as much as any other team on the roster. I know I’ll be rooting for the Inner Circle if only for the potential opportunity to see celebration footage as they walk downtown to Chinatown with all the bubbly.

It is nice to see AEW providing a promo explaining character motivation. I’m curious if it will make air on Dynamite, because that is exactly the type of quick promo AEW needs for the rest of their roster to draw fans into caring on a deeper level.

While waiting for Wednesday’s tag title match, I need to figure out how to make ringtones for, “Le Champion,” and, “Dynamite, that’s right.” Jericho’s pronunciation of those terms consistently cracks me up.

Thank you, Chris Jericho.

Will you be rooting for SCU or Jericho & Guevara to leave Dynamite with tag team gold? Would Jericho becoming Le Double Champion be a smart move by AEW or unnecessary dominance by the Inner Circle?

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