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Here’s The Young Bucks spoofing WWE’s Saudi travel nightmare

The latest Being The Elite doesn’t contain any bombshell announcements. There’s some backstory to how there came to be a barbed wire-covered board at the ready for last Saturday’s Lights Out main event, and more hints of issues between Hangman Page & The Young Bucks. But for the most part, it’s what the episode title says it is... “Backstage at Full Gear”.

Well, there’s a lot of “After Dynamite in Charlotte” too. And that’s where the one segment that people will have takes on seems to occur.

At about the 4:40 mark, which we have it the video cued up for you here, Matt & Nick Jackson are hanging out at the “lawless desert” that is DFW International Airport and, well, you’ll see...

The Bucks don’t have to say WWE or Saudi Arabia to make it crystal clear what they’re parodying. Is it funny or inappropriate to rib the guys who were frustrated and maybe even scared while spending an extra day or so in Riyadh after Crown Jewel? To make fun of the rumor they were forced to cut videos claiming mechanical issues with the plane were the only reason they got stuck in the Middle East as part of some kind of cover-up, and that their running down the dirt sheets was mandated by corporate?

Their robot impersonations could use a little work...

... but otherwise I chuckled.

What do you think, Cagesiders?

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