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ROH Wrestling, Ep. 425: PCO vs Marty Scurll in #1 contender tournament final

Episode 425 of ROH Wrestling was all about the Final Battle #1 contender tournament. It was pure tournament highlights until the final fight between PCO and Marty Scurll aired in full.

Quick results:

The show started with highlights from round 1 of the #1 contender tournament for the ROH World Championship.

Marty Scurll beat Colt Cabana with the Black Plague butterfly suplex slam.

PCO beat Kenny King after King’s tactics backfired. King poured water on PCO. King’s valet, Amy Rose, used a cattle prod on PCO. It backfired as PCO became supercharged and hit a chokeslam to win.

Dalton Castle beat Mark Haskins via bulldog.

Jay Lethal beat PJ Black via handspring cutter.

Next were highlights of the Women of Honor World Championship between Kelly Klein and Angelina Love. After a ref bump, Mandy Leon hit Klein with a chair. Lights out. Lights on. Maria Manic beat up Leon and Love. Klein won via K Power (Attitude Adjustment) to become new champ.

Quinn McKay interviewed Marty Scurll. If Scurll gets past Jay Lethal, then he may have to fight PCO in the finals. That is not ideal, but Scurll will do what he has to do to become champ.

Brian Johnson interrupted Ian Riccaboni and McKay. He will continue to interrupt chumps until his name is known.

Time for ROH World Tag Team Championship highlights Luke & Perry Hawx challenged the Briscoes. Jay pinned Luke after a Redneck Boogie teamwork cutter and a Jay Driller double underhook piledriver to retain.

McKay interviewed Jay Lethal backstage. He has tunnel vision to become three-time ROH World Champ.

McKay then interviewed Dalton Castle. He has a thirst so great that can only be quenched by becoming champ. Castle is not scared of PCO. He will be cool, ready, and champion.

A ‘commercial’ played for Shane Taylor promotions. The story is that he isn’t signed to ROH and is making appearances show-to-show on his own accord. He will show why he is the baddest champ.

McKay caught up with PCO in a boiler room of sorts. His plan is, “Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhh.”

Tournament semifinal highlights. Marty Scurll submitted Jay Lethal via bodyscissors crossface chickenwing. PCO beat Dalton Castle via moonsault.

Final Battle #1 contender tournament: PCO defeated Marty Scurll.

This was a battle of Villain Enterprises cohorts and between two-thirds of the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions. Marty Scurll cut a promo saying he didn’t want the match to come between them. Keep it clean, don’t bend the rules, and may the best man win. Handshake. Wallop! Scurll hit PCO with an umbrella. The bell rang. Scurll for the cover. 1, 2, kick out by PCO.

The match went about 14 minutes. Notable moments include two ref bumps and numerous occasions of interference from Brody King and Flip Gordon on behalf of Scrull. In the end, PCO was too much of a monster. He kicked out on several close calls and hit a moonsault to win.

PCO earned a shot for the ROH World Championship on December 13 at Final Battle.

Episode 425 of ROH Wrestling was an interesting layout for a TV broadcast. On one hand, there was only one bout. On the other hand, all the highlights did a good job of setting the mood for the main event. It was a big match with big stakes. If you have seen all those matches before, then this was probably a boring episode. If not, then you were treated to all the finishes and the prime feature final.

PCO vs Marty Scurll was an okay fight. I’m not hip to all the ROH storylines, so the magnitude of Brody King and Flip Gordon interfering was lost on me. The match did showcase PCO as an entertaining individual and makes me curious how Rush will be able to take the monster down. That assumes Rush will still be champ for Final Battle.

Update on networks to view ROH.

What did you think about episode 425 of ROH Wrestling? Does PCO challenging for the ROH World Championship get you excited? Will PCO face repercussions from Villain Enterprises?

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