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MLW Fusion: Contra fireball causes huge upset for a new Middleweight Champion

MLW Fusion came live from Gilt Nightclub in Orlando for episode 83. It featured Low Ki grappling Timothy Thatcher, Teddy Hart defending the Middleweight Championship against Myron Reed, and the Contra Unit stirring up controversy with a fireball.

On to a recap and review of the show...

Hail, Contra

The Contra Unit came to the ring for a promo. Josef Samael was the mic man. After Jacob Fatu defeated LA Park at SuperFight, Contra’s soldiers celebrated in the streets of Saigon and kings and princes showered them with gifts. Another castle has fallen in MLW. Promociones Dorado was destroyed.

Samael transitioned to their desire for power. That means going after all the gold. Samael sent a message to the Von Erichs and Teddy Hart. Samael threatened Hart about ripping off his sparkly pajamas and shoving them up his ass. He will make Hart say, “Hail, Contra!”

The Hart Foundation ran down for fisticuffs to clear the ring.

Special announcement: MLW Fusion on Thanksgiving, Nov. 28, at 6 p.m. ET on MLW’s YouTube channel.

Ole Mancer dealing moonshine

Mance Warner had an outside promo when some random fellow walked up looking for the good stuff (moonshine). Mancer’s bootlegging uncle wasn’t there, but he took the $20 anyway and shooed him away. Warner wants Jimmy Havoc in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

Timothy Thatcher vs Low Ki

Douglas James was announced to be in Timothy Thatcher’s corner, but I didn’t notice him ringside. Thatcher was visually ornery waiting for Low Ki to enter. Low Ki was amped as well.

This was a slower paced grounded grapple fight. Thatcher often controlled Low Ki on the mat due to the size advantage. Action picked up when Low Ki springboarded into a European uppercut from Thatcher. Low Ki rolled out the of the ring and re-entered with half a second to spare on the 20 count.

Highlights for the rest of the bout include Thatcher catapulting Low Ki into the corner then Low Ki bouncing back with a double stomp, a belly-to-belly suplex by Thatcher, and a double underhook suplex by Thatcher.

For the finish, Low Ki applied a dragon clutch hold. Thatcher stood up with Low Ki on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position. Low Ki adjusted into a chokehold with the shin. Thatcher dropped down to the mat then passed out. The submission victory went to Low Ki.

During that bout, Contra interrupted the transmission for Josef Samael to speak. I didn’t catch who was the target, but I assume the Von Erichs. Samael will make an offer next week that they won’t be able to refuse.

Tom Lawlor to WWE?

An MLW cameraman caught up with the Von Erichs and Tom Lawlor in the parking lot. In regard to Contra, the Von Erichs will approach each situation as it comes and take on all comers. The cameraman then asked Lawlor about rumors he is heading to WWE or New Japan. Lawlor sarcastically asked if that guy worked for the dirt sheets. Lawlor gave no real answer as he walked away.


Jordan Oliver imitated a fan calling them thugs. Fans want them to show appreciation, but Kotto Brazil and the boys aren’t sorry because they weren’t given anything. Everything they earned is everything they took. Myron Reed proclaimed that he will walk out MLW Middleweight Champion. All three said it isn’t a black thing, it isn’t a white thing, it is a justice thing.

King Mo press conference

King Mo has signed with MLW. His plans in MLW are to wreck shop. Which weight class for Mo? He was a moneyweight in MMA, so he will carry that mantle in to MLW. First opponent? Whoever wants some can get some. Tag team? He’ll do it all, even intergender. Mo wants all the gold. He is a black leprechaun. He wants everything.

MLW Middleweight Championship: Teddy Hart vs Myron Reed

The full Injustice crew was present ringside. Myron Reed was still wearing his chest protector. Teddy Hart brought Mr. Velvet, but he went solo after Mr. Velvet was carried away. Hart’s health was still weary from his war with Austin Aries at SuperFight, but it didn’t factor much in the match.

Hart was immediately in control with mat work. Kotto Brazil and Jordan Oliver hopped up on the apron, so Hart clobbered them. Those two hooligans would play an interfering role throughout the bout.

The fight settled in with highlights of a slingshot leg drop by Reed, a suicide dive and flying splash by Reed to the floor, a springboard Ace Crusher by Reed, a Canadian Destroyer by Hart, a straitjacket lungblower by Hart, a springboard moonsault by Hart, a powerbomb backcracker by Hart, a hammerlock DDT by Hart, and a flying DDT by Hart.

For the finish, Hart destroyed Reed with a super Canadian Destroyer. 1, 2, Injustice pulled the referee out of the ring. In all the confusion, Josef Samael appeared out of nowhere to FIREBALL Hart in the face. Reed seized the moment with a springboard 450 splash to become the new MLW Middleweight Champion.

Afterward, Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brian Pillman Jr. hit the ring to clear Injustice from the area.

Episode 83 of Fusion ushered in the next phase for MLW, and, my oh my, was it a bang. Or fireball. New champ, new directions for feuds, and new big-time signing.

First off, the fireball from Josef Samael to Teddy Hart was a fantastic moment by itself. I doubt I’ll ever get tired of fireballs and mist. It has me eager to see Hart Foundation payback. This is a story that will have me tuning in week after week.

The opening promo from Samael and Contra was flaming with intensity. Samael has become one on my favorite talkers in pro wrestling right now. He could probably read the dictionary and make it sound exciting. Contra declaring their intentions to get all the gold has me pumped to see future battles, but will they keep that focus toward new Middleweight Champion Myron Reed or be busy fighting the Hat Foundation? Also, it was curious that National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone was omitted from the list. Hammerstone vs Fatu would be a hoss fight deluxe with a similar flavor of big boy excitement as LA Park vs Fatu. It makes me wonder if the Dynasty is paying protection fees to Contra through Richard Holliday’s lawyer/father.

Myron Reed becoming the MLW Middleweight Champion was a shocker. Reed is an intriguing choice as the one to dethrone Hart, but I don’t like how MLW went about it. The fireball was awesome, as it always is, although, it did no favors to making Reed look like a star. He won by circumstances that he had nothing to do with. Reed has work to do if he wants to become a legitimate attraction instead of a side act with Injustice interference.

Teddy Hart’s defeat felt like a way to get the belt off him and move up to bigger fights. That was pretty much confirmed when he looked into the camera prior to the bout to say he would take Fatu’s championship. I’m not sure Hart can pull that off, but I sure want to watch him try.

The fight between Low Ki and Timothy Thatcher was another result that had me scratching my head. Thatcher’s mystique is gone. He hasn’t won any of his big matches. He’s lost to Davey Boy Smith Jr., Tom Lawlor, and now Low Ki. There would have been no shame for Low Ki in losing due to the massive size discrepancy. I guess this all depends on Thatcher’s contract status. If he is gone soon anyway, then might as well use him to put over others. As for the match itself, it was on the slow side until the riveting explosion of maneuvers at the end.

A few quick thoughts to close. I’m disappointed in Mance Warner for taking that guy’s $20. That doesn’t jive with Ole Mancer’s carefree, fun loving persona. Get the man a light beer so he mellows out. I’m not a fan of Contra interrupting the feed in the middle of matches. It takes away from the wrestling flow and overshadows the bout. King Mo at moneyweight sounds like an eventual openweight showdown with Hammerstone. I’m in for that clash.

What was your favorite moment from episode 83 of MLW Fusion? Did you like the Middleweight title change? Are you excited for the direction of Contra vs Hart Foundation?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS and PlayStation Vue Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. New episodes are posted on YouTube Mondays at 7 pm ET. Fusion is also broadcast in the UK, Ireland, Israel, and Africa.

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