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Page vs. PAC III goes down this Wednesday in Nashville

Hangman will try to do some Cowboy $#!+ and put The Bastard down one more time.

Hangman Adam Page was one of the AEW talents who spoke to the media after Full Gear this weekend.

Page has been on an interesting arc since All Elite launched. He was almost the company’s first World champion, but he’s also been dealing with self-doubt brought on by being the least heralded member of the Being The Elite cast. When asked if beating PAC on Saturday in Baltimore gave him a sense of vindication, Hangman said:

“I beat PAC tonight and I’m happy about it, but we’re 1 and 1. So, I haven’t really beat him, in the way that I need to, I think. So I’d like to have a rubber match, to be honest with you... and I’l like to probably have it as soon as possible. Where we at Wednesday? Nashville? Good place to do some cowboy shit. We’ll do it Wednesday I think, huh? I mean, I can’t make matches, but - we’ll do it Wednesday.”

At the final scrum of the night, President Tony Khan confirmed the match, and Page will have his chance for vindication:

The Bastard looked to be on his way to a World title shot of his own before losing to Page. Whoever wins Weds., Nov. 13 is probably back on track for a match against Chris Jericho. The loser will definitely fall down or maybe even out of the standings.

Not quite as much on the line as in the other match announced for Nashville, but still a lot.

Join us for Dynamite to see what happens!

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