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WWE officially explains the ending of Fiend/Rollins at Hell in a Cell

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Seems like part of the strategy for dealing with the controversy surrounding Bray Wyatt/Seth Rollins main event of Hell in a Cell 2019 will be to kayfabe said controversy.

Hey, it worked for the Montreal Screwjob, right?

The effort kicked off this morning on the second episode of WWE’s new live online “hang out”-style talk show The Bump. You can see it in the clip the company broke out on their own (embedded above), which begins with Kayla Braxton reading a statement from referee Rod Zapata that “they’re telling us they... want us to look at”:

“With Bray motionless, and Seth clearly doing whatever it was going to take to win that match... I had to think of the competitor’s safety and at that moment, I did what I thought was best.”

The other hosts debate this for a while, including Matt Camp, who hosted the Watch Along which accompanied Oct. 6’s pay-per-view and featured Sean “X-Pac” Waltman getting upset about what many of us at the time thought was a DQ finish to a Hell in a Cell match. A clip of the Hall of Famer’s reaction is even shown, while Ryan Pappolla, Evan Mack, Dan Vollmayer join Braxton and Camp in debating Zapata’s decision. It all comes across like something you’d see on a “hot take” sports show.

Whether or not this works as a strategy will probably be as controversial as the finish itself.

Personally, I’m glad they’re addressing it officially in some way. And the “this isn’t 1998 and WWE wouldn’t let Mankind continue to either” point is a valid one. But on the other hand, it also undercuts both the Hell in a Cell stipulation and Wyatt’s The Fiend gimmick a bit, since this is supposed to be where scary, dangerous stuff happens, we just saw things as vicious as Seth with a sledgehammer happen and, hey - Bray wasn’t even harmed by those things!

But, you can’t change the past, and what’s done is done. At this point, monetizing the debate may be the best thing WWE can do.

Who’s ready to argue about this forever?