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Chris Jericho’s first challenger for the AEW World title will be...

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This “wins and losses matter” thing continues to get complicated, and we’re only one episode into All Elite Wrestling’s weekly television...

In order to determine who gets a chance to face AEW World champ Chris Jericho in his already announced first title defense on Dynamite Weds., Oct 16 in Philadelphia, the company today announced this match:

Sounds good! Two popular guys in a match with stakes, what could go wrong? Well...

A college football “quality of wins” argument probably isn’t where anyone wants this going so soon.

For non-sports fans, while college football’s biggest trophies are determined by wins, losses and other definitive measurables now more than at any other point in its history, it’s still a sport that’s largely booked like the territory days of pro wrestling.

Regional promoters (conferences) pit their own stars (schools) against one another, with occasional jobbers flown in from out of town to build them up. Every once in a while a couple of big names will be set against one another across promotions (out-of-conference games), but it’s the exception, not the rule. The wrestlers (head coaches) and dirt sheets (newspaper writers & TV reporters) rank the boys weekly in order to determine who competes for mid-card titles (goes to which bowl games), and midway through the year, a hand-picked group of powerful fans (the College Football Playoff selection committee) start meeting to decide who will compete for the top prize in a tournament (the four team playoff). I guess they’d be like money marks & TV execs, in this analogy.

Point being, rather than add any clarity, evoking “quality of wins” at this point signals to me AEW will interpret their “rules” to do whatever it is they want or need to from a booking perspective.

Which is fine! But just do that without drawing attention to it by answering every fan with a question on social media.

You had us by announcing a qualifier a week in advance, instead of just declaring hours before showtime who Jericho’s opponent would be.

Let’s not overthink things, EVP Rhodes.