Finally, thanks to the Fiend HIAC Match a torch has been passed

There is literally only one match I can think of that ruined a story as utterly and completely as the booking of the Fiend HIAC match. A match that has waited decades to hand off the torch of the biggest blue balls event in wrestling history.

Let me describe it and we'll see if you can guess.

A fallen wrestler who comes back like a monster possessed.
The returned wrestler quickly galvanizes the entire fandom, becoming arguably the hottest thing in all of wrestling.
Countless people get absolutely melted by this character and the fans eat it up.
Things build to a rabid crescendo among the audience in anticipation of the big title match.
The wrestler begins taking offense despite being shown to be a monster capable of destroying anyone or anything. It's confusing until...
The wrestler no sells, wiping out the offense and the fans go ape shit over the show of absolute dominance.
Anticipation in the audience builds as we all positively drool over the oncoming cathartic destruction.
Instead the wrestler just gets his ass absolutely destroyed for another 10 minutes. During this time he gets NO offense in. We all wait for another no sell leading into a vicious, brutal offensive onslaught.
It never happens.
The wrestler loses like a bitch
Months of build evaporate in an instant.
A bunch of horse shit happens post match to make the wrestler stand tall.

Have you guessed it?

Starrcade 97 Hogan vs Sting come on dooooooown!

I cannot believe they did it again to Bray. I cannot believe not one person had the guts and intelligence to incinerate this ending. I cannot believe I allowed myself to get sucked into this PPV after not watching for a year. I cannot believe they found a way to recreate all of the frustration and awfulness of the booking of that Hogan vs Sting match.

Was this Heyman? Vince? How the hell did this happen? How did the literal greatest minds in wrestling actually allow this to happen?

Please Bray. Get the hell out of this company.

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