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MLW Roundup: First signing for women’s division, Mance Warner injured with punctured lung, more!

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Let’s catch up on this week’s news in MLW and preview Saturday night’s episode of Fusion. The first signing for MLW’s women’s division has been revealed, Mance Warner will miss time with an injury, MLW heads to Tijuana this weekend, and another big bout was announced for Blood & Thunder in Orlando.

Brian Pillman Jr. is out for vengeance on Fusion

The main event of Saturday night’s MLW Fusion is scheduled to be Brian Pillman Jr. versus Austin Aries. Pillman wants payback for the heinous attack by Aries to Teddy Hart.

Aries attacked Hart, because he felt he was being ignored for an opportunity at Hart’s Middleweight Championship. Hart was sent to the hospital after a brainbuster on the apron, so MLW fined Aries. Aries felt the fine was unfair and turned to GoFundMe for monetary assistance.

Please help me cover the UNJUST $10k FINE levied against my by Major League Wrestling. I’m an independent contractor once again being bullied by a company of questionable business practices and an even worse eye for talent, as evident by the “champ” that they are protecting here Teddy Hart. What place won’t even say the exact amount of this RIDICULOUS FINE?! But rest assured any excess money raised that doesn’t go to paying MLWs stupid fine WILL be DONATED to CHARITY. I appreciate any help you can afford to give, and if you can’t give $ your thoughts, love and support is just as valuable. Thank you so much. -Austin Aries

Man, that is classic shit-heeling by Aries. He takes being a scumbag to a higher level. Aries has currently raised $20 of the $10,000 goal.

Other matches on the show will be LA Park & Hijo de LA Park against Magnus & Septimo Dragon and the debut of Dominic Garrini as he faces the diminutive Ariel Dominguez. The preview also teases a promo from the Dynasty, a Teddy Hart health update, and a new fight announcement for the Saturday Night SuperFight PPV on November 2.

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS and PlayStation Vue Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. New episodes are posted on YouTube Mondays at 7 pm ET. Fusion is also broadcast in the UK, Ireland, Israel, and Africa.

Zeda Zhang is MLW’s first signing for their women’s division

MLW signed Zeda Zhang to a multi-year exclusive contract to kickstart their women’s division. MLW CEO Court Bauer said, “Zeda is not only a great athlete but a great role model and person. I’m ecstatic to have her join MLW.” If the name sounds familiar, Zhang has competed for WWE in NXT and the Mae Young Classic.

Mance Warner injured

Bad news for Ole Mancer. He suffered a punctured lung.

I think this injury is legit from the indie scene, but MLW is claiming it came from Jimmy Havoc’s post-Bunkhouse Brawl beatdown. The real life timeline doesn’t match up, so it must be a story excuse to write Warner off for awhile. The Southern Psychopath should return in four to six weeks.

MLW vs The Crash

MLW will be in Tijuana, Mexico to co-promote an event on October 5. The advertised card will be:

  • Contra Unit vs LA Park, Bestia 666, & Mecha Wolf
  • Title vs Title: Alex Hammerstone (MLW National Champion) vs Rey Horus (Crash Heavyweight Champion)
  • Hart Foundation vs Dragon Lee, Soberano Jr., & Barbaro Cavernario
  • MLW Tag Team Championship: Dynasty (Champions) vs Ross & Marshall Von Erich vs Angel de Oro & Niebla Roja
  • Tijuana Street Fight: Jimmy Havoc & Damian 666 vs Mance Warner & Savio Vega
  • Triple Amenaza vs Haraganes

I expect this card to be shuffled around. Due to Mance Warner’s injury, Court Bauer mentioned that tag bout would probably become a three-way. That sucks for Savio, since it puts him at a disadvantage. Maybe MLW will come up with a story reason why it won’t be 2-on-1.

There is also a possibility that CMLL talent (Soberano Jr., Barbaro Cavernario, Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja) will be pulled. If you missed the lucha libre news last weekend, Rush left CMLL and CMLL fired Dragon Lee. There are rumors that Rush and Bestia del Ring may join Dragon Lee in Tijuana. That might cause CMLL to block their luchadores from being on the same card as Rush. Current management of CMLL is petty like that.

If Rush shows up for The Crash, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were to set up an angle for the Crash Heavyweight Championship at The Crash’s anniversary show on November 1. This would have nothing to do with MLW, and most likely not be aired on Fusion due to Rush’s contract with Ring of Honor.

Court Bauer media call

Earlier this week, MLW CEO Court Bauer did a media call. I recommend listening (here) for diehard MLW fans. Lots of interesting tidbits were discussed. A couple of points that stuck out to me were:

  • Bauer’s gameplan to increase viewership for MLW is through stability and quality. They aren’t trying to compete with other promotions but are more in the mode of finding ways to play in their own sandbox.
  • MLW has first option for their wrestlers that also signed with AEW. The two promotions have a good relationship. MJF will be sticking around MLW.
  • Bauer wants MLW’s women’s division to spotlight athleticism and fighting spirit.
  • There will be a ‘spin the wheel, make a deal’ Halloween themed Fusion. MLW will also be working on a Thanksgiving themed episode.

Bauer also held a Twitter Q&A while in the airport. He confirmed that MJF is still signed with MLW, his ultimate goal of escalating TV rights fees, and no plans for the Lucha Bros to return. Bauer also shared this wild what if:

What a different MLW world we’d be in if Rush remained and Jacob Fatu never came.

Quick Hits

MLW’s Orlando event, Blood & Thunder, has two more matches for November 9. The card as of now is:

  • Tom Lawlor vs Davey Boy Smith Jr.
  • Timothy Thatcher vs Low Ki
  • Mystery Box Battle Royal

Timothy Thatcher versus Low Ki will be the first time they have met in the ring. The Mystery Box Battle Royal is 20-man over-the-top-rope style. The mystery is that participants won’t be revealed until it is time to walk down the aisle.

Teddy Hart has been cleared by a doctor in Calgary to return to the ring. MLW’s resident physician, Dr. Nelson Sweglar, is not in agreement. It will be interesting to see how Hart is affected going forward after Austin Aries delivered a brainbuster on the apron.

AJ Kirsch will make his MLW debut on commentary for the MLW vs The Crash event.

The Contra Unit has a new t-shirt.

In honor of ‘spin the wheel, make a deal’ news, we’ll close with this photo from MLW producer Alex Greenfield.

Which deal would you pick?