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Chris Jericho: ‘WWE started this war, and the very first night they got destroyed’

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The so-called “Wednesday Night War” is the talk of the pro wrestling world this week thanks to AEW Dynamite going head-to-head with NXT for television ratings supremacy on TNT and USA, respectively. Both sides have publicly gone against the idea of it actually being a war while maneuvering in ways that make clear there absolutely is one.

Well, night one is in the books and AEW crushed NXT.

It is perhaps not surprising that Dynamite won the night but it’s absolutely a shock that it was such a landslide. It’s led to comments like this from current AEW World Champion Chris Jericho (via Complex):

“They kinda started this war, and the very first night they got destroyed. Big deal, it’s our first debut, great, but they have to come back and say ‘it’s a marathon, not a one-night sprint.’ Who’s ever said it’s a one-night sprint? It’s not a war for us. Now, we’re placed in one, and we’re gonna kick ass because we’re going to do what we do very, very well. There’s a little bit of an arrogance towards us that’s now gone.”

He’s referencing the statement WWE released congratulating AEW on its big premiere while covering for itself. In the full clip at Complex, Jericho notes they released that because “they’re embarrassed.”

Night one was a big win for AEW but there will be many nights to come. We’ll see what the major players on the two sides are saying as this war progresses.