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Brandi Rhodes is a terrifying voodoo queen and it is totally awesome

Last night’s AEW Dynamite was cruising along as a good time with entertaining wrestling. All of sudden, a vignette played showing Brandi Rhodes dabbling in the dark arts. It is the kind of video that can be enjoyed without ever having watched AEW.

Check it out for yourself.

It began with Brandi applying makeup over her already perfect makeup. She then placed a nice little hat on atop her head, which reminded me of Ron Swanson. That’s when the video went off the rails, in a supremely awesome way.

The camera flashed over to a case with a ballerina and photos of other AEW women wrestlers. Brandi’s eyes then turned yellow.


The next image was a table with skulls and candles.


That led to the summoning of Awesome Kong, who just happened to be holding a doll head and a meat cleaver.


Cut to Brandi with her mascara running and an enormous scream to blow out the candles. The video finished with a cleaned-up Brandi smirking in the mirror while sipping a beverage (witch’s brew?).

Brandi posted the following message as a hint of things to come.

Egads! I haven’t had chills like that since watching trailers for Lucha Underground. I have no clue where this storyline is heading, but I really hope voodoo becomes part of the Brandi character. I love supernatural elements in the world of professional wrestling. Yes, it is often silly. Yes, it often makes no sense. I don’t care. Give me what I want!

Aside from the obvious question of what the heck is going on, I’m left with so many curious queries. Does Cody Rhodes know about this behavior? Does Brandi have a secret dark arts cauldron in the basement of their home? What does their family dog, Pharaoh, think about all of this?

I’d be scared too if I stumbled upon that spooky scene.

Where do you think this story is heading with Brandi and Awesome Kong? Do you like the idea of supernatural happenings entering the AEW universe? If you haven’t watched AEW before, does the vignette make you more or less likely to tune in?

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