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AAA Lucha Capital, Episode 3: Clown fight!

AAA’s eight-week Lucha Capital tournament rolls on with its second season. Episode 3 featured a main event clown fight and another women’s match being the best of the evening.

36 luchadores are split into twelve teams of three. The matches will be three-way dances with the winner earning points for their team. Three men’s teams and two women’s teams advance to the semifinals, then only one luchador and one luchadora will be crowned Lucha Capital champ in the finale. The venue is Pinche Gringo BBQ restaurant in Mexico City. The Lucha Capital preview will get you caught up on the participants and teams. Also, check out the reviews for episode 1 and episode 2.

Episodes can be viewed on AAA’s Facebook page. Episode 3 (here) featured:

  • Mamba vs Bengala vs Abismo Negro Jr.
  • Vanilla vs Keyra vs Lady Shani
  • Mr. Iguana vs Carta Brava Jr. vs Octagon Jr.
  • Murder Clown vs Pagano vs Psycho Clown

The regular crew of Vampiro and La Regia as hosts with Jose Manuel Guillen and Adrian Mendoza on Spanish commentary opened the show. Hijo del Tirantes was the referee.

Mamba vs Bengala vs Abismo Negro Jr.

This bout was a fine opener with the usual cool moves that have become the norm. The action quickly spilled outside the ring with a tope con hilo from Mamba and a moonsault from Bengala off the ropes to the floor. For the finish, Bengala used a springboard super hurricanrana to pin Mamba.

Bengala defeated Mamba and Abismo Negro Jr.

Vanilla vs Keyra vs Lady Shani

This was a hard-hitting contest with a fluid pace. Top move was a corkscrew backward plancha by Vanilla off the turnbuckles to the outside.

In the end, Vanilla took out Lady Shani with a slingshot guillotine leg drop. Keyra attacked Vanilla with Eat Defeat, a kick to the head, and a bridging German suplex for victory.

Keyra defeated Vanilla and Lady Shani.

Mr. Iguana vs Carta Brava Jr. vs Octagon Jr.

Sorry, I couldn’t focus on this bout. Carta Brava Jr. did the unthinkable. He threw beer in the face of Mr. Iguana. Not once, not twice, but thrice. Absolutely despicable to have such disregard for the golden beverage of champions.

Move of the match was a backpack cradle driver on the apron from Brava to Iguana.

That took the reptile out of action. Octagon Jr. followed with a moonsault to the outside onto Brava. For the finish, Brava climbed the corner, but Octagon countered to execute a flipping super slam off the top turnbuckle for victory.

Octagon Jr. defeated Mr. Iguana and Carta Brava Jr.

Murder Clown vs Pagano vs Psycho Clown

Clown fight!

The main event started around the 1:06:00 mark. The Facebook video doesn’t have a time stamp for this match.

Highlights include topes con hilo, a cannonball through the ropes from Pagano, a double 619 by Murder Clown, a flying splash by Murder, and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Psycho Clown to referee Hijo del Tirantes. For the finish, Murder came crashing down upon Pagano via flying splash. Psycho double stomped Murder in the back to break the pin cover. Psycho then hit a Code Red on Murder to win.

Psycho Clown defeated Murder Clown and Pagano.

Episode 3 of Lucha Capital’s second season provided solid lucha libre bouts. The clown main event was the most fun, while the women’s three-way was the best of the bunch.

I’m going to give Vanilla the nod as the show-stealer. She continues to impress with the improvements in her arsenal. Vanilla has executed fancier high-flying and more devastating slams. No doubt that spending time with Australian Suicide has rubbed off well.

Let’s take a look at the standings with point totals after three weeks.


  • Dinastia, Drago, & Psycho Clown - 3
  • Taurus, Willie Mack, & Rich Swann - 2
  • Bengala, Puma King, & Flamita - 2
  • Carta Brava Jr., Mocho Cota Jr., & Tito Santana - 1
  • Octagon Jr., Aerostar, & Hijo del Vikingo - 1
  • Pagano, Super Fly, & Maximo - 0
  • Mamba, Murder Clown, & Niño Hamburguesa - 0
  • Argenis, Arez, & Mr. Iguana - 0
  • Dave The Clown, Villano III Jr., & Abismo Negro Jr. - 0


  • Faby Apache, Lady Shani, & Big Mami - 1
  • Ayako Hamada, La Hiedra, & Vanilla - 1
  • Lady Maravilla, Keyra, & Hades - 1

The team of Dinastia, Drago, & Psycho Clown seems to be a safe bet to advance to the semifinals. For everyone else, the opportunities are there to pick up precious points. I wonder if there will be a wrinkle in round two, such as double points for wins.

Which match was your favorite from Episode 3? Which luchador impressed the most?

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