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NWA Powerrr (Oct. 29, 2019): Huge stakes 6-man main event for Nick Aldis, James Storm, & Colt Cabana

NWA Powerrr is back with Episode 4 (Oct. 29, 2019) of studio wrestling from Atlanta, GA. It featured a 6-man main event with huge stakes as Nick Aldis, Colt Cabana, & Ken Anderson battled James Storm and Wild Card, a no disqualification bout between Eddie Kingston & Homicide and the Dawsons, Aron Stevens in the ring, an appearance from Thunder Rosa, and much more.

The episode opened with a dramatic recap package about Tm Storm’s path so far on NWA Powerrr. The music did an excellent job of setting the tone for the video.

Main event setup

James Storm spoke his mind about Nick Aldis ducking him and Colt Cabana jumping on the bandwagon. Cabana hit the stage and claimed Storm’s National Heavyweight Championship was rightfully his. Out came Eli Drake to warn Storm about losing the belt before he gets a shot at Aldis. Time for Aldis. He put Storm and Drake in their place. He chalked Storm’s blathering up to being drunk and said Drake’s only vice is wanting to be just like Aldis.

Aldis made a proposition to settle it like men in 6-man action. If Aldis’ team wins, Cabana gets a shot at Storm’s belt. If Storm’s team wins, he’ll get a shot at Aldis for the World Heavyweight Championship. Aldis put in one addendum. If Storm wrestles Aldis for the heavyweight belt, then Storm has to relinquish his title. Aldis wants Storm to feel like he has something to lose. Storm closed by saying his truck smashed Aldis’ Jaguar car.

Trevor Murdoch wants a contract

Trevor Murdoch has had to work for everything he has ever had in this business. He wants to earn an NWA contract. Murdoch called the NWA office and suggested a match with Jocephus, instead of the 45-day suspension for throwing powder in Colt Cabana’s face. Jocephus came out to rattle off mumbo jumbo about shapeshifters and a spiritual advisor. Both agreed to get in the ring and handle business.

Trevor Murdoch vs Jocephus

As Trevor Murdoch was heading to the ring, Jocephus attacked from behind. Murdoch took control with clotheslines. Jocephus smashed Murdoch’s head into the turnbuckle. The referee attended to Murdoch. Jocephus pulled a powder bag out from his trunks. He loaded up his hand with white powder, then Murdoch plowed over to kick Jocephus. The powder flew up into Jocephus’ face. Murdoch used a top rope bulldog to win.

A video told us Thunder Rosa will be here soon. Drums beat as she put on her face paint.


Aron Stevens sauntered over to the interview table with Joe Galli. The no eye contact rule was followed. Galli asked about when we would see Stevens wrestle. He reminded us that there are stars and supporting cast. Ricky Starks came over to interrupt. Starks held his hand out to be kissed and ended up kissing his own hand. Stevens told him that he looked ridiculous. Slap! Starks gave five fingers across the face to Stevens. Stevens scurried away.

Kayfabe Cocktail

Austin Idol pitched a roofie beverage in his commercial.

A video played to announce the Rock & Roll Express are coming soon to NWA Powerrr.

No Disqualification: Eddie Kingston & Homicide vs The Dawsons

Eddie Kingston and Homicide ambushed the Dawsons prior to the bell. All four brawled on the floor. Lots of punching, kicking, and fish-hooking. The tag champs, Wild Card, watched intently from the interview table.

The Dawsons tossed chairs into the ring, but Homicide used the seats against them. The Dawsons would set up one chair across two open chairs for a double suplex to Kingston onto the makeshift structure. The Dawsons battered Homicide with chairs and made a pile on top of him. Out of nowhere, Thomas Latimer clocked one of the Dawsons with the tag team title belt. Royce Isaacs attacked Kingston with a fireman’s carry slam onto chairs. Isaacs pulled a Dawson on top of Kingston for the 1, 2, 3.

The ? mark vignette played again. The twitter profile answers questions with a bunch of question marks. Speaking of answering questions, NWA promoted a Twitter Q&A with Kamille. Yes or no questions only. She answered a few with yes and no GIFs, but nothing important was discussed.

Marti Belle vs Ashley Vox

World Women’s Champion Allysin Kay observed the action ringside. Prior to the bell, she had an interview to say she doesn’t think her friend Marti Belle is ready for a title shot. Kay already beat Ashley Vox, so Vox needs to prove herself. Kay gave off the air of an unlikable smugness as she talked.

Vox wrestled a spunky stye to roll with Belle. Belle was the more powerful of the two. Belle had a big moment of two consecutive suplexes followed by a Russian leg sweep. For the finish, Vox escaped a double underhook and surprised Belle with a jackknife pin cover to win.

After the match, Thunder Rosa came into the ring. Heavy drum beats played. She offered a hand to Belle. Belle declined. Rosa looked like she wanted Belle to join the dark side, but I’m not sure.

A commercial for Tony Falk aired. He told a tale about traveling down the road in his Oldsmobile. He became fond of two things: waffles and tire irons. The tire irons are gold and the waffles are organic and gluten free. This week’s deal is buy 3 waffles, get 4 free tire irons. Any Cagesiders going to drive to Paducah, KY to take advantage of that offer?

Aron Stevens vs Ricky Starks

Ricky Starks had control early until Aron Stevens grabbed Starks’ tights to push him toward the ropes. Stevens then kicked the rope up into Starks’ jewels. Stevens took over with a Russian leg sweep, curtsy, and standing elbow drop. Starks came alive with offense. He threatened to slap Stevens again. Stevens screamed and cowered, so Starks rolled up him for the victory.

Afterward, there was an enjoyable no/yes moment between Stevens and the crowd.

James Storm & Wild Card vs Nick Aldis, Colt Cabana, & Ken Anderson

The big main event started with back and forth action. James Storm and Wild Card got the edge when Colt Cabana was too focused on getting Storm into the ring. Wild Card blasted Cabana, and their squad pounded on him for awhile. Ken Anderson received the hot tag to clean house. That led to a flurry of maneuvers. Mic Check by Anderson, running forearm by Royce Isaacs, flying dropkick by Nick Aldis, Codebreaker by Storm, and a big double clothesline between Aldis and Storm.

For the finish, Isaacs held Cabana for a Storm superkick, but Cabana escaped and Isaacs ate a foot to the face. Anderson clotheslined Storm out of the ring. Aldis hit Latimer with a Rock Bottom variation. Cabana leaped in for a Superman pin to win. Cabana has earned a title shot for Storm’s NWA National Heavyweight Championship.

Episode 4 of NWA Powerrr was packed to the brim with five matches and numerous promos in 50 minutes. The first 10 minutes was talking, so I figured they must have run out of matches from that day of taping. Nope. NWA did so much in so little time. Each of the five fights had stories to them. Impressive. Best of all was that everything made sense and was entertaining.

The quality of the wrestling action was give or take due to short length. I’ve always preferred the stories, so I was satisfied. Trevor Murdoch kicking the powder into Jocephus face literally made me laugh out loud. I wasn’t feeling the no disqualification tag bout, but Wild Card made a curious move with their interference that has me invested in this three-way quarrel.

Thunder Rosa trying to recruit Marti Belle is intriguing. I wonder if NWA is going for a more realistic approach to Thunder Rosa’s Kobra Moon character in Lucha Underground. For those unaware, Kobra Moon was a queen of reptile-men who enslaved and beheaded other wrestlers. Decapitations won’t work for studio wrestling, but leading a posse would.

On one hand, I was a little disappointed in Aron Stevens being chumpish in the ring. He can make a fantastic comedy wrestler, but I prefer when he is a legitimate threat in the ring to back up his pompous attitude. On the other hand, I’m a fan of Ricky Starks, so I’m pleased that beating another established veteran will raise his status.

Once again, NWA did a great job of weaving together multiple stories into a logical main event partnership. Colt Cabana wants James Storm’s title. James Storm wants Nick Aldis’ title. Nick Aldis used those desires to his benefit by creating a situation that might alleviate himself of a potential threat in Storm. Simple and effective.

Then there is Eli Drake. He’s always sticking his nose into people’s business. It makes me wonder if he is nosy or self-serving. He walks that thin line between motivation and manipulation. Generally, Drake provides sound advice, but I don’t quite trust him yet.

There are two issues that have me slightly confused. First, Colt Cabana claimed the NWA National Heavyweight Champion is rightfully his and we at home all know this. I don’t know that. NWA needs to explain the beef between Cabana and James Storm that occurred before Powerrr started airing. They allude to something fishy (cheating or injury?), but never tell us straight out. Second, the title of the episode was, “Dealer Calls Again.” Is that in reference to Nick Aldis? Does he have a wheeling and dealing modus operandi? If so, then I could get into that character trait. It can create plenty of interesting scenarios in the future.

How do you rate Episode 4 of NWA Powerrr? What was your favorite moment? Who are picking to win between Colt Cabana and James Storm? What theories do you have about Thunder Rosa?

NWA Powerrr airs worldwide Tuesdays at 6:05 p.m. ET on NWA’s YouTube channel and NWA’s Facebook page.