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AAA Lucha Capital Episode 2: Taurus is top bull but women’s match steals show

AAA’s eight-week Lucha Capital tournament is back for a second season. The action was fast and furious with a main event between a super flyer, a bull, and a cool cat.

36 luchadores are split into twelve teams of three. The matches will be three-way dances with the winner earning points for their team. Three men’s teams and two women’s teams advance to the semifinals, then only one luchador and one luchadora will be crowned Lucha Capital champ in the finale. The venue is Pinche Gringo BBQ restaurant in Mexico City. The Lucha Capital preview will get you caught up on the participants and teams. Also, check out the review for Episode 1.

Episodes can be viewed on AAA’s Facebook page. Episode 2 (here) featured:

  • Arez vs Dinastia vs Mocho Cota Jr.
  • Lady Maravilla vs La Hierda vs Faby Apache
  • Dave the Clown vs Tito Santana vs Hijo del Vikingo
  • Super Fly vs Taurus vs Puma King

The episode opened with Fantasma, president of the Boxing and Lucha Libre Commision in Mexico City, presenting the new Lucha Capital championship belts. One for the men and one for the women. On quick inspection, the titles look the same as last year.

The same crew from Episode 1 returned: Vampiro and La Regia as hosts, Jose Manuel Guillen and Adrian Mendoza on Spanish commentary, and Australian Suicide and Arturo Rivera on social media duty. Copetes Salazar was the referee.

Arez vs Dinastia vs Mocho Cota Jr.

Dinastia wrestled with a long tail attached to his trunks. It only harmed his progress once when Arez grabbed it as Dinastia was trying to run the ropes.

The story of this bout was Dinastia using his speedy flips against double teams from the rudos. The rudos would turn on each other after Arez hit a moonsault off the apron onto Mocho Cota Jr. The top highlight was Dinastia with a kip up into a hurricanrana pin. Other cool moves were a springboard moonsault by Dinastia, a powerbomb to belly-to-belly suplex combo by Cota, and a sunset flip powerbomb train with all three.

For the finish, the luchadores were fighting up in the corner. Dinastia crotched Cota by shaking the top rope. Cota was leaning over the top turnbuckle, so Dinastia used his body as a stepping stone to Spanish Fly Arez for the win.

Dinastia defeated Arez and Mocho Cota Jr.

Lady Maravilla vs La Hierda vs Faby Apache

Lady Maravilla entered wearing her Mixed Tag Championship. The ladies three-way was all action. Highlights include a flying crossbody by Maravilla to the outside, a bridging cradle suplex by Maravilla, and a torture rack backbreaker by La Hiedra.

For the finish, Faby Apache had a dope mat rolling crucifix armbar on Hiedra to win. Faby locked in a regular armbar, but Hiedra tried to escape so they tumbled around in circles on the mat. Faby was able to shift her position to trap Hiedra in a crucifix with the armbar still in tact.

Faby Apache defeated Lady Maravilla and La Hiedra.

Dave the Clown vs Tito Santana vs Hijo del Vikingo

Hijo del Vikingo was fresh off his thrilling victory of the Copa Antonio Peña at Héroes Inmortales XIII. He brought his Trios belt with him.

The rudos strategy was to double-team Vikingo at all times. The rudos occasionally fought each other, but they regained focus on Vikingo when he came back into the picture. At one point, all three rumbled in the crowd and Dave smooshed Vikingo’s face into a hamburger on the dining table. The trio climbed up a metal structure to exchange chops. Vikingo was the one to fall down to the floor. The rudos proceeded to bust his balls into the ring post. Vikingo had some moments of coming alive with hurricanranas, a moonsault off the top rope to the outside, a springboard guillotine leg drop, and a springboard splash.

For the finish, the rudos ran a train of moves on Vikingo. Tito Santana hit a Mexican Destroyer, Dave the Clown hit a frontcracker, and Santana hit a backcracker. While Dave was in the corner taunting the crowd, Santana made the pin.

Tito Santana defeated Dave the Clown and Hijo del Vikingo.

After the match, Vampiro skipped over interviewing Vikingo. Vamp said Vikingo was injured. It looked like shoulder pain. Hopefully it is nothing serious. Vikingo just returned from being out of action for six weeks with a knee injury.

Super Fly vs Taurus vs Puma King

The main event was constant movement. Each luchador strutted his stuff. Taurus hit power moves. Puma King flashed hurricanranas, kicks, and leaps. Super Fly flew.

The end started with a couple of close calls. Puma slammed Super Fly with a pop-up sitdown powerbomb. Super Fly kicked out at two. Taurus caught a leaping Puma for a release vertical suplex. Super Fly crashed down onto Puma with a moonsault. Puma kicked out at two.

For the finish, Super Fly nailed both opponents with powerbombs. Taurus attacked Puma with a spear. Super Fly went for a handspring off the ropes, but Taurus caught him for a devastating sitdown piledriver to win.

Taurus defeated Super Fly and Puma King.

The evening’s winners took to the ring for photo opportunities to close the show.

Episode 2 of Lucha Capital’s season two was full of fine matches. I wouldn’t say there were any super amazing contests, but all four bouts delivered entertaining action. The only disappointment was not seeing Hijo del Vikingo’s abilities on full display, but that was a product of the story for that fight. The rudos double-teamed him pretty much the entire time.

It is tough to pick a favorite match from Episode 2. The opener and closer were good fun, but I think I’ll pick the women’s bout. It had a different flavor from the others and a unique finish with the rolling crucifix armbar from Faby Apache.

In terms of predictability, I felt Taurus and Faby Apache were the favorites for their matches, and they won. I thought Hijo del Vikingo would have won, but the rudos utilized sound strategy to nullify his skillset. I didn’t expect Dinastia to get a showcase victory. He’s usually a guy stuck in trios openers who flashes sweet moves here and there but ends up eating pins due to his smaller size. Lucha Capital is a perfect style for him to flourish. He can pop the crowd and get the energy flowing.

I’ll provide an update to the standings after next week’s matches when each luchador will have competed once.

Which match was your favorite from Episode 2? Which luchador impressed the most?

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