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Jon Moxley versus PAC ends in a time limit draw?

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PAC was not messing around on Wednesday night.

In a mood and in the main event of Dynamite, PAC hit Jon Moxley on the entrance ramp with a vicious chair shot before Justin Roberts could finish his announcement. Unlikely tag partners last Wednesday night, this week Moxley and PAC treated one another like they have been locked in a half a decade blood feud with one another.

A hyper physical contest, the only drawback to the main event is that it started too close to the top of the hour. Roberts was on the mic throughout the match to remind everyone of the TV time limit.

With no end in sight, neither Moxley nor PAC looked to give an inch. As the clock ticked away, Moxley and PAC were just gassed from the violence of the match.

That’s a time limit draw, ladies and gentlemen. Not the most exciting way to have your main event end.

Do you like AEW leaning on time limit draws so early into their TV run?

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