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New Japan launches NJPW of America, announces more US expansion details

It truly is a great time to be a pro wrestling fan.

Today (Oct. 21) New Japan Pro Wrestling announced the establishment of a US based subsidiary. Based out of California, New Japan Pro-Wrestling of America will launch operations in November 2019.

With the establishment of NJPW of America, the Japanese promotion also released plans for a more active United States touring schedule. As seen in the image above, NJPW will run their events in five key areas:

  • WEST: 6 cities across 4 states
  • MID: 7 cities across 6 states
  • TEXAS: 4 cities
  • SOUTH EAST: 6 cities across 4 states
  • EAST: 4 cities across 3 states

The company also released an official logo for NJPW of America.

New Japan describes the opening of offices in the United States is part of their third phase in expanding their promotion overseas.

  1. Phase one: discovering new wrestlers in markets outside Japan and developing talent through the LA Dojo.
  2. Phase two: run events in the US, including at Madison Square Garden and Dallas this year, both independently, and with the assistance of other promotions.
  3. Phase three: establish a company within the US, and be ingrained in the everyday fabric when it comes to fans’ wrestling consciousness.

New Japan also released quotes from their press conference with NJPW of America CEO Takami Ohbari fielding a few questions.

Can you give any details with regards to television rights?

Ohbari: Up to now we have been working very well with our partners at AXS TV, and plan to continue doing so. As events increase in number in the US, we would like to be able to make more opportunities for fans to watch those events live and in real time on TV, and those are opportunities we’re excited to discuss with TV partners going forward.”

“What are your plans in terms of scale of events?

Ohbari: We’re currently running and looking at venues in the 2000 seat range, that may be lower depending on circumstances. We are a live event company, and the first priority of a live event company is to run in more venues. Once people are in those venues, then we can fire them up and have them ready to spread the word to larger and larger audiences. First though, it’s about growing the number rather than the size of venues. The long term plan will absolutely be to run big venues on a regular basis.”

“Do you have plans for a certain number of events per year in the US?

Ohbari: This is something that I’m discussing with Chairman Sugabayashi, but with 12-13 events run in the calendar year 2019, I think that we could be in the region of double that next year.”

Thoughts on New Japan holding even more events in the states in 2020?