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Snoochie Boochies! It’s the AEW Tag title belts (and Jay & Silent Bob)

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Pro wrestling was on TNT, and Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes were there to witness it. No, it’s not 1998. It’s Oct. 2, 2019, AEW Dynamite premiered, and Jay & Silent Bob Reboot is coming to theaters in just a couple weeks.

Your mileage may vary on how well they were integrated into tonight’s pro wrestling show, but they did some fun stuff backstage earlier in the night, riffing on their shared Jersey roots with Joey Janela:

And they actually provided us with one of our first looks at the new AEW World Tag Team championship belts while goofing around with company President Tony Khan and their co-star, and AEW World champ, Chris Jericho:

We’ll find out who gets to wear those straps for real as the tournament unfolds over the next few weeks. You can find out what happened tonight on Dynamite in our live blog for the show here.