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Adam Cole successfully retains his NXT title against Matt Riddle

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NXT kicked off their first 2-hour show (or at least the first time the entire 2 hours was on USA) with an NXT championship match.

The big question surrounding this match was the state of Adam Cole’s arm. In their new weekly injury report he was listed as “questionable” for a broken arm. Which could have been to sell the injury, but he also hasn’t wrestled since August. So how would that play in?

Not at all when it came to the match quality. But it factored in at the end.

Adam Cole wrestled normally and these men went a good amount of time, exchanging big move after move. There were periods of trading moves that were light on the selling. But after Cole hit the Panama City Sunrise and was not able to get the pin, it looked like he had Riddle’s number.

But the Bro rallied back and hit the Bro to Sleep (his own GTS) that he had been unsuccessful in hitting sooner, a Bro-ton, and then a V Trigger knee, but Cole showed his resilience when he kicked out of that incredible sequence.

The arm finally came into play when Matt Riddle locked in the armbar to the bad arm. But Cole was able to escape. He soon used the cast as a weapon which allowed him to hit the Last Shot for the 1-2-3.

And still Undisputed....

You can find all the results from the show here.