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Jon Moxley doesn’t sound comfortable talking about the possibility of Renee Young jumping to AEW

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Probably because she’s an adult who can speak for herself.

Renee Young’s Instagram

Like our own Henry T. Casey, Screen Geek grabbed an interview with All Elite Wrestling’s Jon Moxley at New York Comic Con a couple weeks back.

They got some good insights from the former Dean Ambrose. Like if he regrets not leaving WWE back in 2015 when he signed his last contract with the company (he’s not sure, but thinks everything worked out the way it was supposed to). And whether his “cashing in my chips” promo from The Shield’s Last Chapter was meant to tie-in to his AEW debut at Double Or Nothing (it wasn’t, but Mox does open up about how WWE had no idea how to handle his departure).

For a closer, they asked Moxley if they think his wife - the host of FS1’s WWE Backstage, Renee Young - will “make the jump to AEW sometime?”

You can tell he’s not at ease answering it by all the “uhs” in the quote, but Mox handles the question well otherwise:

“Uh, she’s got A LOT of stuff on her plate. A lot of things she wants to do. I mean, you’d have to ask her what all her goals and aspirations are, but she has a lot of them outside the wrestling business. Right now she’s just like, right now over there she’s completely invaluable. She has a lot of great opportunities with Fox, and uh, which is great for her, and uh, her, you know, I uh… her future is in her hands, she can do whatever she wants, and she’s uh… It’s good to be her right now. A lot on her platter right now, a lot on her plate. It’s very cool, you know?”

That’s a diplomatic way of saying “she’s kicking ass, I’m very proud of her, she can speak for herself and I’m smart enough to not give you something that’s gonna cause trouble for either of us”.

Mox doesn’t have a rep as a mic man for nothing.

Check out Screen Geek’s entire interview with the former IWGP United States champ here.