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Chris Jericho’s mystery partners for AEW Dynamite debut revealed

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Months ago, AEW announced that Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks would team up to take on Chris Jericho and two mystery partners on the debut TV show on TNT. At the time, Jericho wasn’t AEW world champion and the show, Dynamite, didn’t even have a name.

Now, we’re just one night away. To get ready for the big debut, TNT aired an hour long “Countdown to All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite,” a show designed to explain the brief history of the company and its creation. It was also promised they would reveal Jericho’s mystery partners.

Previous rumors suggested LAX would fill that spot. When Santana and Ortiz, who will no longer be going by the LAX moniker and have been calling themselves “Proud and Powerful”, showed up at All Out and attacked both the Lucha Bros and the Young Bucks after their match, speculation only grew stronger.

Sure enough, a backstage scene was shown with Santana and Ortiz thanking Jericho at All Out. He smiled, happy to get a “thank you” at least. Tony Schiavone then confirmed that the duo will be teaming up with Jericho for the main event of Dynamite this week.