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It’s high time Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic got a chance to TakeOver

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Big men need the bigger stage, and NXT’s done enough to get us more than ready.

WWE/USA via YouTube

With TakeOver: War Games 3 on the horizon, I’m finally ready to say it. I’m gonna need Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic on the damn main card already. If you’re not already familiar with Mr. Lee, I offer some back-reading: Meet Keith Lee: The Biggest WWE Signing in Years. Nothing has changed for me and my belief that Keith Lee is That Guy in the year and 3 months since I wrote that. So, I’m imploring NXT to put them to the next level, in a match on a TakeOver.

After three relatively impressive but still short (none hit 13 minutes) NXT TV matches between them, it’s sorta necessary. They have a 1 win, 1 loss and 1 draw record in those matches, so one big match to break the tie is already in order.

The need for this match also arises from the fact that these two have already impressed at this one level, the TV match. Each of their three NXT television show encounters has been a tease for said big blow-off, so they’re building a rivalry that can accommodate greater stakes. So, here are my three pitches for how Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic can steal the show at the next TakeOver. They’ve done it before, at BOLA, let them shine at full speed on The Network already.

I’ll also emphasize that even if these two don’t go onto another rematch (Keith won’t stop saying Jordan Myles’ name), NXT needs to be doing something with these two to liven up its rivalries. As Wrestlesplania’s Rachel Millman said on Nobodies Watching Wrestling, “Where the fuck is Keith Lee?”

A 2 out of 3 falls match

What is it: Duh, this one explains itself.

Why I’d book it: At one win per big man, Keith or Big Dom needs a big win to propel them to move on and upwards. A match with multiple pinfalls means no talking about flukes.

What’s wrong with it: Has NXT had enough of these matches, thanks to its top men’s championship?

Add another big obstacle

What is it: Right now, this rivalry is about the pride of being the ultimate big man. So, why not add the giant looming over NXT in the US all the way from NXT UK? Yes, make it Keith Lee vs Dominik Dijakovic vs WALTER.

Why I’d book it: Lee and Dijakovic have delighted NXT Arena on their own, but the most visually imposing man in either NXT program would turn everyone’s eyes to the match, especially when you consider his MOTY candidate with Tyler Bate at NXT UK TakeOver Cardiff.

What’s wrong with it: Well, WALTER might be off leading Imperium into battle at the War Games match. He’s also got a burgeoning feud against Kushida.

Create a clash of Strong styles

What is it: Two giants is fun, but what if we shake up the format by adding someone who isn’t large — but is in charge. Right now, both Lee and Dijakovic have performed jaw-dropping matches in hard mode, with gargantuan opponents. But what if we throw in a new element, someone much smaller in Roderick Strong.

Why I’d book it: I don’t think we’ve seen everything that Dijakovic and Lee can do to each other, but I’d like to give them a chance to do more things. Let’s throw Roderick Strong into this, after he says he’s all out of competition. Give these two big guys a lil dude to throw around the ring like they’re kids with their action figures. It’ll be great. Oh and you get the added bonus of the NXT North American championship being on the line, the kind of opportunity that Lee has been clamoring for.

What’s wrong with it: ... not much from my vantage. Except it doesn’t feel like it’s the time for ERA to not retain all of their gold, and you don’t want either big man to take an L.

OK, now just book something already

So, NXT, you can take any of those off my hands. Or do something different. But as you continue to show these two off on the smaller stage (opening the second NXT on USA was a show of good faith), know that you’ve just set them up for the next stage that we’re ready for.