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Cody Rhodes wants to make sure we know All Elite has big TV plans

Having a few guys who’ve worn gold in WWE like PAC (fka Neville) and Chris Jericho show up at their launch rally earned All Elite Wrestling a lot of credibility. But until folks know where they can watch the new promotion, it’s only so much smoke & mirrors (sorry, couldn’t resist).

In their chat with websites like Pro Wrestling Sheet after the rally however, Executive Vice-President Cody Rhodes and Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes explained that that news is coming:

Brandi: Obviously, that’s always the goal for everything, and as Cody said, we are a start-up so we are in some very baby phases right now. What I can say is more information on that will definitely be forthcoming - sooner than later.

Cody: Yeah, we’re gonna try - again, real slow, we’re gonna stagger - obviously, to have Chris Jericho here today to give us what we call in the wrestling industry the rub and for him to, no pun intended, go all in with All Elite Wrestling - I want that to be the news today. So that meant we held some things back. Cause we want to do this slow, we want to do it correct. So you’ll probably get more tidbits... TV is massively important, but it’s not the end all be all because as you’ve seen with Being The Elite and the medium we have, but we have big plans.

If that’s not enough of a tease for you, during Brandi’s comments, the American Nightmare was doing this:

Pro Wrestling Sheet

One of the things the Khan family is said to be bringing to the table is television network contracts. The Rhodes’ comments, and Cody antics, lead us to believe talks with those contacts are going well.

But we’ll have to keep paying attention to find out where they’ll end up.

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