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Lucha Underground Roundup: S4 Q&A, S5 not dead, DVDs for sale, Inside the Ring with Famous B

Lucha Underground

In the Lucha Underground offseason, sometimes bits and pieces of information pop up. So, let’s go through some items in the Lucha Underground Roundup.

The podcast TWitWoW had a question and answer episode (here) with Lucha Underground producers Chris DeJoseph and Chris Roach about season four. It was a fast-paced conversation with plenty of brief answers. Two parts that stuck out to me were discussion of the Cueto family and how Stu Bennett (aka Wade Barrett) got involved as a god at Ultima Lucha Cuatro.

DeJoseph touched on how they write the characters of Dario Cueto and Antonio Cueto.

“I think the Cueto family and Dario and Matanza’s story is the centerpiece of Lucha Underground, for sure. And I think that they’re the main characters and the most important characters to the story.

I think when we approach writing it, we first kind of go with a little bit of fun, then we kind of talk about what things happened, how did this affect Dario, how did his mother getting killed, how did that affect how they behave now. If you notice little things like Antonio wears his wedding ring still. There’s little details I think we kind of put a little bit of extra effort in.

At the same time, I have to give credit to Luis (Fernandez-Gil) who plays Antonio and Dario. And he really kind of dives into the character and we can give him some stuff then he can throw out ideas. He has ideas where he wants to take the character or characters. It’s kind of fun.”

It is interesting that the writers consider the Cueto family as the main characters. While watching, I never felt there was one specific lead of the show. It was kind of like the story of war between the gods and the tribes was the main character, if that makes sense, and the ensemble cast were of equal importance more or less. Although with hindsight, Dario coming back to life with the Piedra Immortal certainly shows he will be a major element in season five.

Stu Bennett (aka Wade Barrett) appearing as the limo lord was the shocker of all shockers to conclude Ultima Lucha Cuatro. No fans saw that coming. DeJoseph explained how Bennett’s appearance came about.

“The Stu Bennett thing kind of came around, I don’t think we ever knew exactly who that character was going to be. We had thrown his name out there at one point. But two years ago, I saw a tweet from him that he was binging Lucha Underground or something like that. And he thought it was awesome, so I just sent him a message, ‘Hey, man. If you ever want to do anything, we’re here. Feel free. We’d love to have you.’

And then a couple years went by and we got close to the point where we’re trying to decide who it was going to be. There were some people who were moved around in certain positions. Stu was available. He was really into it. And then we made that decision. I think it was fairly early in the season. ... He became available and he wanted to do it. For awhile, I don’t know if he wanted to participate in things like that. He was really into it. He did it and we didn’t tell anybody. So, nobody on the roster had any idea.”

I love to hear that even the other wrestlers don’t know what is going on in other storylines. No wonder they get so excited watching the episodes on TV. They are fans just us.

Other interesting tidbits without great detail were:

  • Vibora’s beheading was shot spur of the moment after the performer was injured. The intention was that they could figure it out next season how to bring him back.
  • They recognize the need to address the Night Claw character.
  • A whole new storyline was written for three new luchadores that never happened.
  • There was a story planned for Vinnie Massaro.
  • Vampiro’s master (Australian Suicide) is named Hexagon Dark. I had seen that mentioned elsewhere, but I never knew where that information came from. DeJoseph and Roach did not correct the hosts, so that must mean the name Hexagon Dark is official.
  • Fenix did the Dark Fenix drooling on his own.
  • DeJoseph is still hoping for the Rock to make an appearance as a god.

There were lots of short answers that make the seventy minute podcast worth listening to. Other topics include the least favorite moments of DeJoseph and Roach, their funniest moments, their most satisfying moments, handling known WWE wrestlers in their slightly alternate universe, and performer input.

Did you view the Cueto family as the main characters of Lucha Underground? Who would you like to see show up as gods?

Season 5 of Lucha Underground not dead

After every season of Lucha Underground, there is always a feeling of uncertainty about whether there will be another season. To give us hope for season five, let’s overanalyze a simple comment from Vampiro at a AAA press conference.

An article from Record provided the Spanish quote:

“Queremos seguir intercambiando talento con Lucha Underground. Es la primera vez que una empresa transmite en Fabi estamos empujando que sea para el siguiente año.”

It is basically saying that AAA wants to continue exchanging talent with Lucha Underground. It is the first time that a company transmitted in Fabi (?). They are pushing for there to be another year.

That is good news that the showrunners are still trying to make season five a go. The word Fabi confuses me. I tried listening myself for context, but I had trouble understanding with the microphones not being clear. At first, I thought it was a hint of Faby Apache heading to the Temple, however, they spelled Faby wrong. I’m guessing Fabi is some sort of streaming service, but I failed to figure it out when searching with the Google machine.

Do any Cagesiders out there know what Fabi is? Would you like to see Faby Apache join Lucha Underground for season five?

Lucha Underground DVDs

For those that missed Lucha Underground on Netflix or have decided not to purchase episodes on iTunes or Amazon Video, we have some good news for you. Lucha Underground has started to sell DVD copies of Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3.

Lucha Underground store

Each season costs $50 or you can buy a set of all three for a total price of $125. They even come with a postcard signed by Vampiro. How can you turn down that sweetener in the deal? There seems to be a limited number at the moment as there are currently around 960 in stock for each season.

Are you interested in the DVD sets? What else would you like to see for purchase in the Lucha Underground store?

Inside the Ring with Famous B

Lucha Underground’s Inside the Ring series continued with guest Famous B. B recapped his signings and acquisitions for Infamous Incorporated prior to season four.

The ending with the helicopter noises was kind of weird. I didn’t think Famous B was someone wanted by the police. Or maybe B is just a naturally nervous fellow.

If you enjoyed that edition of Inside the Ring, be sure to check out episodes one through four with Chavo Guerrero, Vampiro, Marty Martinez, and Johnny Mundo.

Who would you like to see join Infamous Incorporated in season five?

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