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Chris Jericho wants you to know he and Tetsuya Naito messed each other up at Wrestle Kingdom

Chris Jericho doesn’t want you to tell him wrestling is “fake”.

Heading into their No DQ IWGP Intercontinental championship match at Wrestle Kingdom 13 on Jan. 4, both Jericho and Tetsuya Naito were vowing to end the other’s career. Hopefully that didn’t happen for them or anyone on the show (particularly Kota Ibushi), but Y2J wants us to know that the damage he took in the Tokyo Dome was very real...

... the welts are nasty enough. I’m really wondering what kind of mark that table DDT spot in the video on the third slide is gonna leave - both on Jericho’s side where he hit the edge, and on Naito’s brain.

So wrestling is scripted, sure. And we’ll be debating what Jericho (along with everyone else signed to or rumored to be involved with All Elite Wrestling) losing to Naito in the Tokyo Dome means for future New Japan stories and the business in general a lot over the coming days.

But don’t call it fake.

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