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Kota Ibushi stretchered out after incredible match against Will Ospreay

NJPW World

Going into Wrestle Kingdom 13 (for full results, check here), Kota Ibushi vs. Will Ospreay was, despite being the opener for the main show, one of most folks’ most anticipated matches.

The good news is it delivered just as hot as everyone expected, full of fast-paced exchanges, tight reversals, and incredible violence.

The bad news is that after Ospreay won the NEVER Openweight Championship with his trademark Storm Breaker, Ibushi lay on the mat unresponsive and medics swarmed to stretcher him out.

While it’s not clear at this time whether the stretcher job was legitimately necessary or just meant to sell the violent physicality of the match, Kota has a history of neck issues, including a herniated cervical disc that ended his attempt at being a full-time superstar for both DDT Pro and New Japan back in 2015, that’s enough to leave most fans worried.

It’s hard to pinpoint a spot that might have done the damage, certainly there was nothing as dramatic as the Spanish Fly that lead to Will suffering a serious neck injury himself at Sakura Genesis last April, although at one point the Golden Star did land pretty roughly falling into the Tree of Woe. In any case, here’s hoping to as happy and healthy 2019 as possible for both men.

There you have it, folks

We’ll have further updates for you on Ibushi’s status when we get them, Cagesiders.

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