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Bray Wyatt with a clear (for him) update on his WWE return

Bray Wyatt is healthy - he worked a handful of late 2018 live events - and is high on people’s wish list for any mystery partner or surprise entrant opportunities, such as Sun., Jan. 27’s Royal Rumble. The former WWE champ did not compete in Phoenix’s Chase Field on Sunday, but don’t abandon hope, fireflies!

Yesterday (Jan. 28), Bray tweeted this in response to a tweet from his old rival Xavier Woods about former Wyatt Family members Erick Rowan & Daniel Bryan teaming up:

As many online have unearthed, the lines open a work on the website Hello Poetry, and you can search them for deeper meaning if you chose, or realize it’s just Bray, back on his bull$#!+.

There is an exchange beneath them that might give us a clue on Wyatt’s status. It’s as close as we’ll ever get to a direct statement from him on any subject:

Word from the usual sources is that the Eater of Worlds is just waiting for WWE creative to find the right story/gimmick tweak/moment to bring him back.

Could the alliance of Bryan and Rowan be it?

Stay tuned.

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