The List of Most Valuable Royal Rumble Superstars - with 2019 updates!

Just when you thought we were done with Rumble talk, you were very much mistaken. First off, I want to thank CSS admins for posting the Top 25 to the main page. I know it's fairly obvious that this took a lot of effort to pull off, but getting some recognition for it makes all the effort very much worthwhile. At one point I made a promise that I'd update the standings after this year's Rumble to show how things changed, and my oh my have they! We have 8 new participants added to the board and a couple of very interesting surprises in movement that I think you'll enjoy reading about. We'll list them here in order from current bottom rank to top featuring only last night's entries.

If you missed this series that was posted last week, here's some help to get you back on track. Part 1 features how all of the points were decided:

Part 1

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Top 25

T327. Titus O'Neil - 2019 Match Points: -1.9 (-2 for 30 second elim, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: -4.6

Value drops 22 spots. Even though his slide from GRR never counted towards points, Titus still finds himself among the worst Royal Rumble competitors ever. He lasted a total of 5 seconds in last nights match bringing his current overall value way down from an already abysmal level to nearly rock bottom. Now tied with Santino Marella for third worst of all-time, the only two who trail them are The Hurricane and The Godfather. Hate to say it, but this might've been worse than the slide.

T319. Jeff Jarrett - 2019 Match Points: -.9 (-1 for under 2 min elim, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: -3.2

Value drops 19 spots. Double J may have been a nice little surprise entrant, but he hadn't fared well in his 3 prior Rumble appearances so this was doomed from the start... just like the idea to bring back his 1994 attire. We do officially have a new Rumble record though as Jarrett now has the longest Rumble hiatus in history waiting 20 years to make his first appearance since 1999. Comedy segments are fun, but they kill value. Welcome to the B-O-DOUBLE T-O-M Ten.

T311. Xavier Woods - 2019 Match Points: -1.9 (-2 for under 30 sec elim, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: -2.8

Value drops 118 spots. Almost the worst drop of this entire list. The New Day really needs to stop making sure Kofi gets a highlight reel and start putting up some better Rumble appearances because all 3 of them dropped this year. Woods was an easy 3 second elimination and that sealed his fate here.

T309. Shelton Benjamin - 2019 Match Points: -0.4 (-0.5 for under 10 min elim, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: -2.7

Value drops 9 spots. Shelton entered his first match since 2010, but just like Rumbles past he didn't make much impact. This wasn't his worst appearance, but had he held on for 39 more seconds he would have avoided negative points and possibly moved up slightly. Considering that 8 new participants entered the match, his value really drops only 1 spot as he was originally tied for 300th, so almost no harm done.

T309. Jinder Mahal - 2019 Match Points: -1.9 (-2 for under 30 sec elim, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: -2.7

Value drops 87 spots. Although I enjoyed this Rumble match, there were far too many quick eliminations for my liking. Five of them happened in under 30 seconds. However, if there was one that I was okay with, it was this one because it was Johnny Gargano's only elimination of the night and it made sense because Jinder is back to being D level talent anyway.

T288. No Way Jose - 2019 Match Points: -2 (under 30 sec elim)

Total Rumble Value Points: -2

Rumble debut, no value change. Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce to you the newest member of the prestigious Immaculate Imperfection Club! For those who may not remember, this elite club holds the only Rumble competitors to ever participate in one Rumble match just to be eliminated in under 30 seconds. Jose now shares this honor with this unimpressive group of folks - James Ellsworth, Enzo Amore, Adam Rose, Epico, Jamie Noble, The Sandman, Sylvan, Tazz, Gillberg, Tom Brandi, Fake Razor Ramon, Squat Team Member #1 and Timothy Well. We need to open a new wing in the Hall of Fame just for these elite cast of characters. Mazel tov, Jose!

T284. Bobby Lashley - 2019 Match Points: -1.9 (-2 under 30 sec elim, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: -1.9

Value drops 161 spots. This is the worst value drop on the entire list of participants. This was Lashley's first Rumble since 2006 and for someone who now holds a pretty high honor in carrying the Intercontinental Championship, this was a pretty piss poor performance. I get it, they needed to give Rollins a way to battle back against the odds and since the two of them have been side-feuding lately, it did make sense for him to take the brunt of this. But 13 seconds? Feels like such a waste for a guy that we kind of expected would've faced Brock Lesnar by this point. I suppose that he'll be back next year, but it's gonna take a lot for him to get out of this hole he dug for himself.

T268. Apollo Crews - 2019 Match Points: -0.4 (-0.5 under 10 min elim, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: -1.3

Value drops 41 spots. Another Cagesider wrote an article this week explaining why a guy like Crews should be given a legitimate chance to be a Rumble winner and he related it to football how the NFL spends all off-season trying to convince you that your team could go to the Super Bowl. There's been a little push for Crews recently, but having matches on TV could've been seen as getting a mild push. Crews is exceptionally talented and they can easily turn him into someone that you can grasp the idea of them possibly winning at a big event, but frankly it wasn't enough here. This was the third pretty uneventful Rumble in a row for him, but lets see where his stock takes him into next year.

T264. Big E - 2019 Match Points: -0.4 (-0.5 under 10 min elim, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: -1.1

Value drops 45 spots. It was a bad day, yes it was for all 3 New Day members Rumble value. For someone who I think should be getting a bit of a singles push, WWE showed no signs of that sending Big E out of the match in 6 minutes. With no eliminations in this Rumble, Big E inches one year closer to the record mark that Albert and Jack Swagger set for career Rumbles without ever recording one. For a big man like Big E, that's... gee I wish there was a word for it. Wait, maybe there is. That's BOOTY!

T264. Jeff Hardy - 2019 Match Points: -0.4 (-0.5 under 10 min elim, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: -1.1

Value drops 45 spots. Hardy and Big E almost have nearly identical numbers, however Hardy has a few eliminations to his credit in his career. Just not this year. He might have a good track record in ladder matches, but as we've discussed previously, Hardy has never been a strong presence in the Rumble. This was his first match in 12 years though, so nice to have him back.

T179. Dolph Ziggler - 2019 Match Points: 0.6 (0.5 for 1 elim, 0 for 10-25 minutes, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: -0.5

Value increases 83 spots. There were a lot of rumors going around about Dolph's status with the company this weekend, mainly ones that he revved up, that led us to believe that his Rumble streak was in jeopardy. If last night was his last appearance or not, he certainly made it worth his time scoring a big elimination of Drew McIntyre and making it down to the Final 3 participants of the match. In the 11 consecutive Rumbles he's fought in, this was his best result. If this was the last time we'll see Ziggler for a while, at least he got a nice little parting gift.

T158. Baron Corbin - 2019 Match Points: 0.6 (1 pt for 2 elim, -0.5 for under 10 minutes, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: -0.3

Value increases 71 spots. The former acting, elect whatever general manager put up a poor showing in 2018, but was able to kind of bounce back from it this year. 2 eliminations is pretty good considering that the most that was topped out at was 4, but Corbin is still in the red. I'm sure he'll be back next year, so we'll wait and see if he works his way up into positive digits.

T127. Nia Jaz - 2019 Match Points: 0 (0.5 for 1 elim, -0.5 for under 10 minutes)

T127. Aleister Black - 2019 Match Points: 0 (0.5 for 1 elim, -0.5 for under 10 minutes)

T127. Pete Dunne - 2019 Match Points: 0 (0 pts for 10-25 minutes)

T127. Curt Hawkins - 2019 Match Points: 0 (0.5 for 1 elim, -0.5 for under 10 minutes)

Total Rumble Value Points: 0

Four Rumble newcomers with decent enough outings here, but not good enough to get out of purgatory. I had high hopes for Curt Hawkins to join an elite club of sorts, but he was savvy enough to play hide and go seek for a few minutes and was rewarded with an elimination for it. I'd have to assume that this isn't Black or Dunne's last Rumble match, but it would be interesting to see how they move forward with Nia. Will she play double Rumble duty every year? Out of the four women that have participated in a men's match, Nia has the highest value. So maybe this becomes a yearly tradition? Maybe we're beginning the age of intergender wrestling, who knows? Next year I'll calculate the value for the women's match, Nia should be Top 5 on that list but it'll be more interesting to see if she rises on this one.

T96. Johnny Gargano - 2019 Match Points: 0.5 (0.5 for 1 elim, 0 for 10-25 minutes)

Total Rumble Value Points: 0.5

The NXT North American Champion was treated to a loud pop once his music filled Chase Field and he made sure not to disappoint this crowd. He might be the most talented wrestler and storyteller on either roster, maybe perhaps even a future winner of this match? I'm holding out hope, but let's see how he fits in Vince's WWE before we anoint him any future victories.

T76. Elias - 2019 Match Points: 0.6 (0.5 for 1 elim, 0 for 10-25 minutes, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: 1.1

Value increases 16 spots. So maybe there was no duet as was teased, but Elias got a guitar spot in on Jarrett in what was a fun way to start this Rumble match. Elias performed well for his second straight year and once again found himself in the ring for enough time that he was awarded no negative points. Who's he gonna jam with next year?

T71. Drew McIntyre - 2019 Match Points: 2.1 (2 pts for 4 elim, 0 for 10-25 minutes, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: 1.3

Value increases 151 spots. We had a good feeling that McIntyre would put together a solid showing, but in all honesty I think all the hype made us think it could've been better. He tied Braun for most eliminations in the match, but many expected that he might've been able to last until the Final Four which would've earned him more points here had he of. Still, this was a solid point increase to kick off his second career stint in the Rumble.

T71. Kurt Angle - 2019 Match Points: -0.4 (-0.5 for under 10 min, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: 1.3

Value drops 7 spots. This was not a good showing for Angle nor was it the best utilization of him. Coming in at #4 it felt like he entered way too close to another legend, but the most disappointing part to me was that there was never any closure for how his match with McIntyre ended. It seemed almost obvious that they would tease a future match between the two, possibly even one for Wrestlemania, but if they weren't going to address it last night it looks to be all but dead.

T67. Mustafa Ali - 2019 Match Points: 1.5 (1 pt for 2 elim, 0.5 for 25+ minutes)

Total Rumble Value Points: 1.5

This was a very solid Rumble debut for Ali that most of us were expecting from him. An early elimination of Nakamura could mean that we see the two lock up for the US Title in the not so distant future, but it's probably his other elimination that's going to be front and center on Smackdown and that was him eliminating Samoa Joe. 30 minutes in the match was the second best Iron Man performance behind Rollins, no one else involved with the match scored positive points for time spent in.

T67. Samoa Joe - 2019 Match Points: 1.5 (1.5 for 3 elim, 0 for 10-25 mins)

Total Rumble Value Points: 1.5

For his first Rumble, Joe put up a pretty impressive showing. I think I expected him to enter in the late 20's and kind of clean house before being one of the Final Four, but this worked in a lot of ways too. As mentioned above, it furthers his feud with Ali and gives us some intrigue moving forward.

T65. Andrade - 2019 Match Points: 0.6 (0.5 for 1 elim, 0 for 10-25 mins, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: 1.6

Andrade has been on a nice little overdue roll lately which transitioned well into this match seeing that they are invested enough in him that he lasted until the Final Four. His one elimination was a good one exiting Randy Orton from the match, but his performance here had nothing to do with numbers. There were about 8 people he locked up with that I immediately said I never knew how much I wanted that match until now. The two main ones were Mustafa Ali (who I think he's faced in a tag match that I didn't catch) and Pete Dunne. The future is extremely bright, friends.

60. Kofi Kingston - 2019 Match Points: -0.4 (-0.5 for under 10 mins, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: 2

Value drops 4 spots. This was Kofi's 11th consecutive Rumble and once again it was all about the flashy ways that he strayed off elimination rather than the ways he kept battling in the match. It's kind of becoming one big joke now. 3 women did "Kofi spots" yesterday and frankly were all more impressive than his. I get that this is a beloved Rumble tradition that has found its way onto ring attire, but can't we at least attempt to make Kofi look like a threat to go far in the damn thing?

31. Dean Ambrose - 2019 Match Points: 0.6 (0.5 for 1 elim, 0 for 10-25 minutes, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: 4.9

Values increases 2 spots. Dean didn't really do a whole lot in the match and that kind of speaks volumes as to where he is as a character. He came back looking like a million bucks, then waited way too long before turning heel. The heel turn has been so bad that it took what should've been a red hot feud with Rollins and completely defused it. He barely held onto the Intercontinental Title for a month and now he's not even in the same shape as he was back in August. I don't know if I'm going out on a limb or not, but I don't think we should expect anything big for the Ambrose character in the near future.

30. Shinsuke Nakamura - 2019 Match Points: 0.6 (0.5 for 1 elim, 0 for 10-25 minutes, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: 5.6

Value drops 1 spot. We weren't even sure if the defended Rumble champion would be defending his crown, but he joined the match as a #3 entry lasting for almost 18 minutes. It wasn't a bad showing per say, but consider where he was last year in relation and it seems a bit lackluster. At least he's got the US Title back because Lana had to be injured for Becky to go on and win the Rumble. How about that for booking?

T20. Braun Strowman - 2019 Match Points: 2.1 (2 for 4 elim, 0 for 10-25 minutes, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: 8.2

Value increases 6 spots. For someone who was originally supposed to be in the title match, he made enough of a mark in the match. But for the Monster Among Men who's wrecked havoc on WWE since 2016 but hasn't had the trigger pulled on him yet, this was a pretty basic performance. I think we all expected for Braun to come in during the #27 spot and clean house before the inevitable showdown with Rollins at the end, and even though 4 eliminations tied for the most last night, it didn't feel like Braun was booked that strongly. Right now he's a bit directionless and if last night were any indication, he's probably closer to Big Show territory than we think. Which means his Rumble value numbers will always be fine, but he's never going to elevate them to much higher if this is the future of how he's booked.

T20. Seth Rollins - 2019 Match Points: 5.1 (1.5 for 3 elim, 0.5 for 25+ minutes, .1 for entry, 3 for victory)

Total Rumble Value Points: 8.2

Value Increases 22 spots. Seth was the Iron Man and winner of this Rumble that didn't feel overwhelmingly unpredictable, but it was the right move for the direction and story they want to tell. I like when big stars with big resumes add a Rumble win as another accomplishment to check off. To me, Rollins is kind of like Edge. If Edge never won a Rumble, no one would've treated his career differently. Both Edge and Rollins have enough accolades to make them two of the greats, but a Rumble win makes their career even greater. Jim Duggan, Big John Studd, Alberto Del Rio and Nakamura are a few names that are going to have the Rumble tied to their legacy because their list of accomplishments don't match up to the names of other Rumble winners in history. Seth is in a really good spot in his career where hopefully a Wrestlemania victory over Brock can elevate him beyond superstar status and give him another red hot year of matches being the top guy on the card.

14. Rey Mysterio - 2019 Match Points: 0.6 (0.5 for 1 elim, 0 for 10-25 minutes, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: 11.8

No change in value. Mysterio is now within a tenth of a point of passing Jericho for 13th all-time and given another Rumble appearance next year, he has a pretty good shot at passing Benoit and Edge that he's only within a point of. Mysterio is obviously closer to the twilight than he is the prime, but at least he's not being drowned in boos for just appearing in the match anymore. Happy to see him compete as long as he's near the top of his game and if his current run with Andrade is any indication, he'll be just fine moving forward.

8. Randy Orton - 2019 Match Points: 0.1 (0.5 for 1 elim, -0.5 for under 10 mins, .1 for entry)

Total Rumble Value Points: 17.9

No change in value. Orton did kind of what Orton does at this stage in the game, but I'll admit it was kind of crazy to see him RKO Nia. He's in the match for veteran depth at this point and I think that a late entry, one elimination and an under 10 minute run is about the best that we can expect from him at this point. It'll amount to a .1 point increase every year which is too much of a snail's pace to creep him any closer to Hogan sitting in at #7.

Well folks, this has been fun. I'm glad I was able to spread my Rumble cheer with you this year and hopefully next year I can think of another project to work on for you guys to enjoy. For those of you nerds interested in seeing how I calculated scores, feel free to check out this spreadsheet that I worked off of to get the gritty details of how excruciating of a numbers crunch this was. 364 days until we Rumble again.

I miss you already, I miss you always.

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