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Lucha Underground Roundup: Movie star Catrina, Marty Elias released, Mundo family Halloween

During the Lucha Underground off-season, sometimes bits and pieces of information pop up. So, let’s go through some new and old items in the Lucha Underground Roundup.

Movie star Catrina

Karlee Perez (aka Lucha Underground’s Catrina) has been working her way onto the movie scene. She is a #bossbitch in her latest role. Perez will play Alanza in the film Seized, which stars Mario Van Peebles and Scott Adkins.

The movie sounds decent enough as a direct-to-video release. The synopsis states:

A former special forces agent’s son is kidnapped and buried inside a casket in the desert. If he wants to see his son alive again, then he must complete three missions in under 5.5 hours before his son runs out of oxygen. His missions are to wipe out three dangerous international mobs.

The plot doesn’t come across as very original (looking at you, Mechanic: Resurrection with Jason Statham), but I’m sure they will cram in a heck of a lot of action with that deadline for death. Plus, I’m partial to Van Peebles as an actor, and Adkins movies are enjoyable for what they are intended to be, which is maximum ass kicking.

What really sells me is the cheesy tagline.


“They kidnapped his son. Big mistake.” Uh oh. Let the hurricane of carnage commence. Catrina should have plenty of corpses on set to lick.

Seized is currently filming. We’ll be keeping an eye out for future details.

Marty Elias released

It appears that senior referee Marty Elias has parted ways with Lucha Underground. Details seem sparse. The Floor Seat reported back in September, “We were told that Elias requested the release from LU, and it was granted.” That’s about it.

On a check of Elias’ Twitter account, he hasn’t posted since September 21, 2018. His Instagram account appears to be deleted. Elias does have a new look though.

If Marty is out there, holler if you hear us.

Shout out to Cagesider Plague for bringing the news to attention.

Mundo family Halloween

It has been months since Halloween, but these type of photos will never go out of style. Johnny Mundo and Taya certainly know how to celebrate that holiday.

Here are some costumes from the past.

Their 2018 look was quite frightening. I shouldn’t have written this roundup right before bedtime. I’m going to have bad dreams.

Last but not least is Prince Presley being inspired by Lance Storm’s rowdy getup.

Yeeha, indeed. I’d certainly watch a buddy cop series with those two. Who’s with me?

Inside the Ring with El Dragon Azteca Jr.

The latest episode of Lucha Underground’s Inside the Ring has been posted. El Dragon Azteca Jr. is the guest. Azteca discusses his relationship with Rey Mysterio, the Believers, and having skills to beat anyone. I didn’t find any particularly interesting quotes to examine, but the short video should still be good for fans of the luchador.

If you are yearning to see new matches with El Dragon Azteca Jr., then keep an eye on MLW’s SuperFight as Azteca (going by the name Rey Horus) will wrestle Aerostar. The event will be filmed on February 2, but it will be edited for future TV episodes released on YouTube.

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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