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NXT TakeOver: Phoenix results - Shayna Baszler retains over Bianca Belair

The NXT Women’s title match tonight at TakeOver: Phoenix, emanating from the Talking Stick Arena in Phoenix, Arizona, pitted the dominant Shayna Baszler against the undefeated phenom Bianca Belair.

The early goings of this match had the competitors trying to show each other up.

Unfortunately for the challenger, the veteran Baszler was able to outwit the more rookie Belair when she grabbed her hair braid outside the ring and used it to pull Bianca shoulder first into the ring post. And when there’s a body part that’s hurting, especially, an arm, Baszler is in her environment.

The champion used that opportunity to work over the challenger for the bulk of the match. A big slap helped Belair get back in a bit, though her left arm prevented her from really getting back in the game.

It took a whip to the abdomen from the hair braid to really allow Bianca to come back. However, an inadvertent ref bump prevented Bianca from getting the 1-2-3 off her finish. Things only got worse as Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke ran out to attack the challenger.

Bianca impressively disposed of both of them, but the champ locked in the Kirifuda Clutch to try to choke out the challenger. However, Belair used her raw strength to stand up and suplex the champ, keeping her title hopes alive.

Belair went to the top rope but once again had to fend off Jessamyn Duke. That delay allowed Shayna to avoid the 450 splash and lock in the Kirifuda Clutch again.

The challenger tried multiple times to stand up and drop the champ, but it was too much to overcome, and she eventually passed out in the hold.

Shayna Baszler is still your NXT Women’s champion.

You can find all the results from TakeOver: Phoenix here.

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