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AAA Roundup: Las Conmadres are coming for Lady Shani, Cage’s complete tecnico turn

Welcome to a weekend edition of the AAA Roundup with some extra morsels of lucha libre tastiness. Lady Shani’s cabrona challengers are making a statement, a TV taping takes place on Twitch tonight, Killer Kross tells a killer story, and we get some cutting room floor footage of Cage’s tecnico turn.

Las Conmadres are coming for Lady Shani

Lady Maravilla had previously staked her claim as a challenger for Lady Shani’s Reina de Reinas championship. At the Jan. 19 TV taping, Keyra backed up her conmadre as Lady Maravilla was lippy toward Lady Shani.

My translation, as best as I can hear, of Lady Maravilla’s promo is, “You (the crowd) can shut up, because a lady is going to speak. Look, I’m only going to say one thing. You (Lady Shani) don’t deserve (?) the Reina de Reinas. That championship should be with the best and the best are the conmadres.” Rudas high five.

AAA could really set up a neat long form story if they plan on Lady Shani vs Taya as a big match at this year’s Triplemania. Shani and Taya already have a challenge set against one another sometime down the line. In the meantime, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Super Powers storyline. Shani can’t take too many more beatings from Las Conmadres. Who better to assist Shani than Taya? That could set in motion an eventual split and bad blood feud. I’ll be crossing my fingers for some sort of layered story instead of a standard mishmash four-way at the next big event.

TV taping on Twitch tonight

If you are in the mood for some live lucha libre action tonight, then AAA has you covered. They will be taping an event for television and you can watch it live for free on Twitch.

Here is the lineup.

Lucha Libre AAA

It is interesting that Aerostar is getting a main event trios slot. He wanted a bigger role and it appears that he will get one. Or, it could just be the convenience of currently being in a feud with Monster Clown, who is also in the main event.

Pagano and Joe Lider are back as a team one week after being on opposite sides. I said it last week, and I will say it again this week. Go figure.

Ooh! Drago is putting his Latin American championship on the line already. That was fast. He will be in a four-way against La Parka Negra, Argenis, and Golden Magic. That should be an enjoyable bout. Drago, Argenis, and Golden Magic are all fancy flyers.

Tune in to AAA’s Twitch channel at 8:00 pm Mexico City time (9:00 pm ET) on Saturday, Jan. 26. The live stream will be free. On-demand can be used as a subscriber for a monthly $5 fee.

Will you be tuning in? Which match stands out most to you?

Killer Kross injury story

I’m guessing the following tale of pain occurred at the Lucha Capital finale.

View this post on Instagram

Crazy #Story. Freak accident happened one night in a tournament event where the winner advances on. Unbeknownst to me- a part of my quad exploded in the match on a blunt force impact off a botched dive. Still had to hit that saito, so I sucked it up & suplexed him off one leg twice. We had to leave through the crowd on the exit, and I always kept Scarlett close to me through the fans on the way to backstage to protect her. She whispered to me if I was alright & I replied that I wasn’t sure. She tried to help me up the stairs but I said I was fine. She was eyeing me like a hawk. She’s impossible to fool. Got back to the locker room & right away- hematomas began forming in my leg. It felt awful. I had one more match to the finals. Paramedics were looking at my leg, none of them really able to tell how severe it was. Mixed opinions. It was getting worse by the minute. In the end, I told them to wrap it. She offered to help me get down the stairs, but I declined. Hobbled down & sat at the curtain waiting for my music to hit. It felt like I sat there forever, my leg was getting worse & I was watching her pace. She didn’t want me out there & she was pissed that I was doing this. I looked up & smiled at her, hoping she’d smile back- which she didn’t. Her arms were crossed & she was shaking her head. I quietly mouthed “Fuck you” to her hoping she’d say it back to lighten the mood. She didn’t. She knew I was hurt & trying to downplay it. She put her hands on my head & told me she was praying for my protection. Eventually I asked gorilla what was going on & they told me someone else was going out- in which I snapped & used some choice words not necessary to repeat in this story. I told them to call it over the radio that I was going out with or without music & I’m finishing the night off as intended. 20 seconds later, music hit. We both looked at each other & said everything without having to say anything- and we walked out to do business. Finished the show. Protected her through the crowd again. When we got to the stairs she said “shut up”- put an arm under me & helped me walk. Although differently, We’ve always protected each other. Thanks for the prayer Witch.

A post shared by Official Killer Kross © (@realkillerkross) on

You can read the long version in the Instagram caption. The short version is that Killer Kross felt his quad in great pain, but he toughed it out to return for the final fight in the tournament. Scarlett Bordeaux was by his side to provide support and frustration at him continuing despite the injury.

I recall that final evening for Lucha Capital being a bit odd. Kross clearly tweaked his leg during the first match, then he had an awkward surprise appearance in the finale. He seemed to move as normal to bring destruction to all until Laredo Kid ended up the grand champion.

I’ll have to give a thank you to Kross for his toughness. It would have been easy to quit, but he persevered to make that evening memorable.

Whatever the official diagnosis was, Kross has returned to resume his beatings on luchadores.

Bonus videos

AAA posted a few promos and matches that hit the cutting room floor for the Guerra de Titanes go-home show in Ciudad Juarez. They put up a heated scuffle between Lady Shani and Keyra (here), the full Cage tecnico turn (here) against Los Mercenarios and Konnan, a trios match involving La Mascara and Maximo (here), and another trios bout with Cage, Psycho Clown, & La Parka against Blue Demon Jr., Hijo del Fantasma, & Texano (here).

The promos aren’t too shabby, but the two matches are only so-so. I wouldn’t go out of your way to watch those fights.

Show it in the ring, not with words

Whoa. Keyra and Lady Shani went cuckoo against each other. (Keep in mind that this was before Lady Shani became Reina de Reinas champion.)

After Lady Shani’s team won, Keyra confronted Shani. Shani responded that she will prove it in the ring, not with words. Shani extended her arm for a handshake. Keyra elbowed Shani in the face. Fight!

I’m not sure what happened. Keyra ended up wearing Shani’s mask. Was that a magic trick?

The funny thing is that Keyra skipped out of the Guerra de Titanes four-way so she could attend a WWE tryout in Chile. That was too bad, because it was a vicious melee between the two. Here’s to hoping they continue in the future. It is looking that way.

The Machine rebooted into tecnico mode

Most of this promo was already played on Gira de Conquista episode from Orizaba and Ciudad Juarez. To recap, Hijo del Fantasma said that he would get a title shot if Cage beat Fenix. Cage disagreed. Konnan disagreed with Cage’s disagreement, so Los Mercenarios put the boots to the Machine. Psycho Clown and La Parka eventually made the save.

What wasn’t shown on the TV version was Psycho Clown and La Parka offering a handshake and Cage accepting. The crowd went wild, assuming that noise wasn’t edited.

La Mascara, Rey Escorpion, & Monster Clown defeated Maximo, Mamba, & Murder Clown

This was more of a chaotic match. Highlights include a double tope by Maximo and Mamba, an overhead press slam by Murder Clown, a 619 by Murder, and a flying splash by Murder. La Mascara and Maximo had a pretty good one-on-one exchange that makes me think a proper singles bout between the two could be dynamite.

For the finish, Murder Clown military pressed Rey Escorpion onto Monster Clown. Murder followed with a huge big man tope. In the ring, Mascara low blow kicked Maximo to win.

Cage, Psycho Clown, & La Parka defeated Blue Demon Jr., Hijo del Fantasma, & Texano

This was a brawling bout. Highlights include a teamwork Codebreaker by Hijo del Fantasma and Texano, a suicide dive by Psycho Clown, Psycho breaking a broomstick over Fantasma’s back, Psycho with a whirling backbreaker to Hijo de Tirantes, and a double suplex by Cage to Fantasma and Texano.

For the finish, Psycho went wild and took out Los Mercenarios with a tope con hilo. La Parka had Blue Demon Jr. up in a piledriver position, but Texano made the save. Texano then distracted the referee so Blue Demon could ball kick La Parka. Cage escaped a waist lock by Blue Demon as Texano dropkicked his own partner by accident. A series of machine kicks by Cage made Texano woozy. An F-5 followed for victory as Cage won his first match as a tecnico.

How do you like tecnico Cage? Who do you want to see him wrestle in AAA?

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