Royal Rumble Match Most Valuable Superstars Series Part 2

Hello again. I hope you all enjoyed part one of this series to determine the most valuable Royal Rumble performer of all-time. If you missed it, check it out here to get an understanding of the points system that I used to determine a single wrestler's value in Royal Rumble history.

Yesterday we focused on every competitor with a negative value. The names ranged anywhere from former World Champs such as The Miz and JBL to complete nobodies that entered one Rumble and found themselves eliminated in 30 seconds or less. Today's group are all above the Mendoza line, but still not high enough to consider them valuable Rumble assets. We have more former World Champions, Hall Of Famers, legends and a guy who has been making must-see Rumble moments for the last 7 years that doesn't quite have the value to the match in terms of numbers. Sit back and enjoy as we count em down from 117-51 starting with the folks who only registered 0.1 points of value.

T117. David Otunga, Vladimir Kozlov, Snitsky, Rhyno, Kurrgan, Genichiro Tenryu: 0.1 Points

Quick notes here: a lot of the CM Punk Nexus faction is higher on this list than you'd think, which is why someone as irrelevant as David Otunga made it slightly above zero. It's because the faction essentially wiped out half of an entire Rumble match mostly consisting of group eliminations. As far as I am able to tell, Rhyno as of right now holds the record for gap in between Rumble appearances with a 14 year delay from 2004-2018. On further evaluation, Roddy Piper also had a 14 year absence from 1992-2008. Lashley's appearance this year will be the first time since 2006.

T112. Sami Zayn, Finlay, Charlie Haas, Booker T, D'Lo Brown: 0.2 Points

Booker T has a really strange Rumble track record. In 8 matches, he racked up a solid number of eliminations with 11. But his longevity in Rumble matches has been poor. He only made it past 10 minutes once and spent three of those outings clocking in under 2 minutes. As for how many spinaroonis he's performed during a Rumble? Well, our stats aren't that in depth.

T108. Matt Hardy, Val Venis, Henry Godwinn, Hercules: 0.3 Points

The Rumble was never Matt Hardy's strong suit as he's participated in 8 matches, but never did much to make his appearances memorable. A fun tease in 2001 of a competition between brothers led to both men eliminating one another and one Drew Carey looking on as to be relieved that he didn't have to lift a finger. Henry Godwinn, on the other hand, dropped some slop down on Jerry Lawler... so that's worth like 8 points or something?

T106. Carlito, Christian: 0.4 Points

Both men competed in 5 rumbles a piece, but it could be argued that Carlito has a slight edge due to a nice little run in 2006 that kept him in the match for over 38 minutes. Interesting Rumble fact about Christian - all of his Rumble entries occurred during his pre-TNA run with WWE. In his second stint between 2009 and 2014 he was either busy with title matches or injured where he couldn't compete in the match.

T92. Elias, Bubba Ray Dudley, Bo Dallas, Mason Ryan, Mike Knox, Mr. Kennedy, Matt Morgan, Thrasher, Pierroth, Dick Murdoch, Shane Douglas, Hawk, Rick Rude, Jim Brunzell: 0.5 Points

Everyone tied at this position competed in only one match, but either scored enough eliminations or lasted enough time to give make their appearance seem minimally valued. We should expect to see Elias move up the list as the years go by, but unless they decide to give the lower card Bo Dallas an entry, everyone else will probably stick in this spot. Fun fact: Bo Dallas has never competed in the Royal Rumble as a member of the main roster. His one and only appearance came as a member of NXT after winning a tournament during Rumble Access weekend.

T87. Hornswoggle, Chuck Palumbo, IRS, Bad News Brown, Ax: 0.6 Points

Hornswoggle not only has two rumble matches under his belt, but he's also made in into the top 100 of the most valuable. At the same time, his value increase has helped decrease the value of The Miz. Something here isn't fair or doesn't make sense. But there's potentially worse than him that rank a little higher.

T85. Roddy Piper, Jim Neidhart: 0.7 Points

Fun fact: Roddy Piper was the first Rumble competitor to have a singles match in the same night he competed in the Rumble back in 1992. It was his only singles title victory defeating The Mountie for the Intercontinental Championship. Yes, The Mountie was somehow an Intercontinental Champion...

T83. Cesaro, Smash/Repo Man: 0.9 Points

Believe it or not, Repo Man has multiple Rumble eliminations. Disappointing to see that Cesaro has only surpassed 10 minutes in one of his five appearances, but that could be a victim of entering at a higher number. Speaking of which, I know some may argue that circumstance of higher entry would lessen the value of a competitor (for example, someone enters in at 30 with no eliminations and falls in between 2 and 10 minutes, he's still getting -0.5 for that showing) but just like the Rumble match itself, its all about luck of the draw.

T78. Andrade "Cien" Almas, Joey Mercury, Dusty Rhodes, Arn Anderson, Tito Santana: 1 Point

Tito Santana is the only person to compete in the first six rumble matches. The other four, at this moment, are one and done. However if we see another solid performance out of Andrade he should find himself higher on this list by this time next week.

T72. Curtis Axel/Michael McGillicutty, Jamal/Umaga, Phineas Godwinn, Brian Knobbs, Ron Bass, Jake Roberts: 1.1 Points

An impressive 7 Rumbles for Jake The Snake, but considering that he was an early entrant for many of them means he didn't make the most of his opportunities in the match.

T69. Road Dogg, Tatanka, Greg Valentine: 1.3 Points

At one point Greg Valentine was considered a Rumble Iron Man, but performances from guys like Mysterio, Backlund and Jericho have eclipsed his run from 1991 which was considered one of the better ones of his time.

T67. AJ Styles, Don Muraco: 1.5 Points

This coming Rumble event will be AJ's fourth which means it has been four years since we've witnessed one of the best WWE debuts of all-time. But since his debut he's decided that defending and fighting for Championships are way more valuable than entering the Rumble match himself. It was a good debut though, lasted for a half hour and clocked in two eliminations.

66. Terry Funk/Chainsaw Charlie: 1.6 Points

The Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie chair fight is still one of my favorite Rumble moments to this day, even if it's difficult to see head shots over 20 years later knowing the repercussions.

T64. Ted DiBiase Jr., Kurt Angle: 1.7 Points

Just like Styles seems to be, Angle was pretty content with fighting for titles at the Rumble PPV instead of #1 contendership opportunities. Angle fought in just 3 Rumble matches, but who knows? Everyone likes a surprise entrant every year. Could that be Angle in 2019?

T61. Ryback, Wade Barrett, Earthquake/Golga: 1.8 Points

Ryback was one of the final two competitors in the 2013 match that had absolutely no suspense behind it because everyone knew we were getting Cena vs. The Rock part deux and Mania 29. But I'm sure that Ryback would tell you on his podcast that Vince promised that he envisioned him winning three rumbles in consecutive years.

T59. Goldberg, Andre The Giant: 2.1 Points

Just imagine if the Rumble idea had been executed three or four years earlier than it originally had? Andre probably would've had multiple wins. Instead, his two appearances came near the tail end of his career where he was aging and needed to be placed in a tag team because he wasn't healthy enough to carry the same load as he did earlier in his career. As for Goldberg... I guess it would've made sense if he ended up winning in 2017, but no one would've been happy with that outcome.

58. Daniel Bryan: 2.2 Points

Ah, here we are. We could be sitting here and talking about Bryan as a top 20, perhaps top 10 Rumble competitor of all-time if it weren't for stupid booking decisions. You all know how this went down, he was hosed in 2014 being left out of the match completely when he should've won and he was hosed in 2015 when he barely lasted through 5 countdowns before being unceremoniously bumped out by Bray Wyatt. He did enough in the Rumble to earn respectable points and a decent positioning on this list, but it's impossible to not think about what could've been had the booking decided to ride his wave of popularity.

57. The Barbarian/Sione: 2.3 Points

Four matches, six eliminations. Better than you can say about most of these folks.

56. Kofi Kingston: 2.4 Points

The point system that I developed to determine a wrestler's value in this match never included any extracurricular activities involved with being in the match. If it had, it would be an unfair advantage awarded directly to Kofi that no other competitor would be able to reach. What gave Kofi the points here was mostly based on his match streak that he's on. Both he and Dolph Ziggler have competed in the last 10 consecutive Rumbles and Kofi will officially make it 11 this Sunday. He has never been one to last long in the ring as he's only competed in one match for over 25 minutes, but his 7 eliminations are nothing to be disappointed about. As for those extracurriculars that was mentioned earlier, my favorite was always the one from 2014 where Rusev tossed him into the crowd and he had to leap from the barrier onto the ring apron. The chair pogo stick was fun, but that was just incredible athleticism.

T53. John Morrison, Sid Justice, Randy Savage: 2.5 Points

Speaking of extracurricular Rumble activity, it wouldn't be fair if I didn't mention John Morrison's amazing parcore move from 2011 latching onto the barricade without having his feet hit the floor and walking on top and around to just back on the steps and get back in the ring. The year after Morrison did it, his contract ran out and he was no longer with the company which paved the way for Kofi's craziness over the past seven matches. Sid Justice entered one Rumble in 1992 at #29 and cleaned house eliminating 6, including Hulk Hogan. But Hulk is a vindictive jerk and decided that he wasn't gonna display good sportsmanship, brother. If it wasn't for Hogan, Flair may have never had a tear in his eye and someone wouldn't have had to put a cigarette out. As for the Macho Man, he fared pretty well in his 6 appearances, but there is still one glaring moment that sticks out to me as one of the absolute worst Rumble moments ever. In 1993, he was one of two men left standing along side Yokozuna. After dropping a top rope elbow, Savage went for a PIN ATTEMPT ON YOKOZUNA! He deserved to be tossed after that. And it wasn't as if Savage had been in the match since the beginning where maybe he could use fatigue as an excuse... HE WAS THE #30 ENTRANT! To this day I'll never decide what's worse, this or Mil Mascaras eliminating himself by diving off the top turnbuckle. Idiots... everywhere.

T50. Eddie Guerrero, Thurman Plugg/Hardcore Bob Holly, The Ultimate Warrior: 2.7 Points

Eddie made just 2 Rumble appearances before his untimely passing, but he lasted for over 25 minutes in one and eliminated 4 men in the process. Hardcore Holly saw the Rumble ring 7 times to minimal success, but at least a beat down of Daniel Puder was worth the watch. Warrior competed in 2 rumbles including one in 1990 that featured a historic stare down between him and Hulk Hogan that led to a Champion vs. Champion match at Wrestlemania VI. He also ran and screamed a lot.

That's all we have for today. 49 of the best Rumble competitors remain with two parts of this series left to go. Tomorrow we'll find out who the lowest valued winner of a Rumble is and debate whether Mick Foley's appearances in 1998 should be combined or separate entries.

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