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AAA Roundup: A new skeleton man, Lady Shani’s Mini-Me, Guerra de Titanes championship change

Welcome to the weekly roundup of AAA news and wrestling action. A new skeleton man is in the mix, Lady Shani has a mini doppelganger, and check out the TV version of Part 2 of Guerra de Titanes.

Welcome another skeleton man to AAA

AAA already has La Parka, La Parka Negra, La Parkita, La Parkita Negra, and occasional appearances from LA Park and Hijo de LA Park. Am I missing anyone?

A new skeleton man has joined the group. Hijo de La Parka!

Hijo’s night at AAA’s first TV taping of the year didn’t turn out alright as he was demasked by Los Mercenarios and Blue Demon Jr.

Record and Ricardo Flores

Hijo de La Parka’s AAA career can only go up from here. He is young at 18 years old. It will be interesting to see him in the ring. Can he thrill with wrestling moves or just dance to, “Thriller,” like his old man?

In some other quick notes about that show, Pagano and Cage teamed against Joe Lider and Texano. Pagano fighting his extreme partner Joe Lider? Go figure. Faby Apache might be joining Los OGT’s. Blue Demon Jr. wore a shirt with a Lucha Underground logo. I wouldn’t mind seeing him head back to the Temple. Konnan heeled on the crowd by saying they were without education, without morals, without bathing, and without gasoline. That last part is to poke fun at the current gasoline crisis in Mexico.

Lady Shani’s Mini-Me

There was a neat fan moment for a little girl at the last TV taping in Mexico City. Earlier this month, Lady Shani posted a photo of a fan dressed up as her.

AAA must have tracked that girl down and gave her a moment she will never forget as she escorted Shani to the ring.

If there ever is a Lady Shani Jr. down the line in lucha libre, how cool would it be if it turned out as that same little girl?

10 Year Challenge

Here is AAA having a goof on the ten year challenge with Hijo del Vikingo and Dr. Wagner Jr.

Gira de Conquista: Guerra de Titanes, Part 2

This week’s episode of Gira de Conquista featured Part 2 of Guerra de Titanes. I’m only going to cover the episode briefly, since I’ve already written about it. If you are looking for full coverage, there is a preview, results, and review from back when the event was live.

Part 2 featured the trios championship with Poder del Norte against Laredo Kid, Hijo del Vikingo, & Myzteziz Jr., the subsequent fight between Los OGT’s and La Parka, Laredo Kid, & Myzteziz Jr., the lucha extrema tag title match with Texano Jr. & Rey Escorpion vs Pagano & Joe Lider vs Ciclope & Miedo Extremo, the promo with Fenix and Laredo Kid, and the main event of Blue Demon Jr. & Killer Kross battling Dr. Wagner Jr. & Psycho Clown.

Here are some new observations upon rewatching:

  • The episode began with a video package of La Parka presenting Angelikal with his new persona of Myzteziz Jr.
  • The new trios champs go by the name Nuevos Jinetes del Aire (New Air Riders).
  • Lucha libre fun fact: The Tombstone piledriver is supposed to be illegal, so that must have been why it was used to ‘injure’ Hijo del Vikingo.
  • Prior to the lucha extrema, there was a backstage video of referee Piero explaining why his hand is taped up. It prevents glass from going into his arm. Hmm, the more you know.
Lucha Libre AAA
  • If you recall, the original ending of the main event had Blue Demon Jr. pinning Dr. Wagner Jr. Killer Kross put his hand on his partner’s back. Hijo de Tirantes stopped counting for some reason, so the rudos pinned Wagner a second time. Through the magic of editing, the messed up pin finish was rectified by showing the first two mat slaps of the first pin then the third mat slap of the second pin.
  • The episode closed with a backstage promo from Blue Demon Jr. He called Dr. Wagner Jr. a bleep word for teaming with the man who took his mask. Blue Demon closed by saying Wagner and Psycho Clown need to watch their backs.

That’s a wrap for this edition of the AAA Roundup. How many skeleton men are too many skeleton men? Are you excited for the feud between Blue Demon Jr. and Dr. Wagner Jr. to continue?

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