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WWE stars are already getting a lot of mileage out of AEW

It didn’t take for All Elite Wrestling (AEW) to make an impact on the business.

Well, the wrestling rumor business anyway. And while we don’t know yet how many of those rumors will turn out to be true, or lead to talent moving around for bigger contracts and better booking, it’s already led to some fun online kayfabe. Or at least, we’re pretty sure most of it is kayfabe?

Maybe some things with in-ring/on-screen ramifications, too.

Look, it’s easy enough to get internet wrestling fans to start speculating about these kinds of things. All you have to do is change your display name on Twitter from your WWE gimmick to your real one!

Even if you keep your worked name up, some leading tweets - or even just a well-placed reply GIF! - can get the dirt screens buzzing:

And then there’s NXT’s Velveteen Dream. While he hasn’t captured gold in his brief career, there’s no reason to think he’d be unhappy with how the company’s promoted him. He courts controversy with things like his ring gear and his tweets, and this one may just be the latest example of the latter. But he’s probably not close to being a free agent, and whenever he is, WWE will likely pay him handsomely to keep from giving AEW or another company a young star they can build around for years to come.

So this is almost certainly a work which will play into the upcoming “Worlds Collide” tournament at Royal Rumble Axxess...

But who can say for sure?

No matter what their legacy ends up being, fans of “work or shoot?” should already be saying, “Thanks All Elite!”

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