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AAA Roundup: Taya on AAA TV, Killer Smokeshow, Big title matches on Gira de Conquista

Welcome to the weekly roundup of AAA news and wrestling action. Taya is back with AAA for a TV taping, the Killer Smokeshow continues, Tommy Dreamer is working up a sweat in Mexico City, and the Gira de Conquista TV episode on YouTube features important title matches from Guerra de Titanes.

If you are unaware of the Guerra de Titanes results, then I recommend watching (here) before reading any further if you don’t want the big matches to be spoiled.

Taya back on AAA TV

The first TV taping of 2019 for AAA will be on January 19 at a larger venue, the Pepsi Center, in Mexico City. Our first hints at the talent involved have been revealed.

What sticks out most to me is the presence of Taya in the image. She had hard feelings, justifiably so, over her treatment when being stripped of the Reina de Reinas championship due to injury, or other matters. The ice was thawed when Taya participated in the Lucha Capital tournament on Facebook. She even won the women’s title in a fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants booking final for ladies in an originally intergender setup.

Taya will be fresh off an Impact street fight against Tessa Blanchard that has rave reviews.

Granted, Daga may be biased since he is dating Tessa Blanchard and is a fellow Perro del Mal with Taya.

It will be interesting to see what story direction AAA takes with Taya. She already has a pending challenge with current Reina de Reinas champ Lady Shani, but new contenders have emerged for women’s gold in the form of Lady Maravilla. Faby Apache is on the poster as well. A Faby vs Taya singles bout would be money for free TV, in my opinion. However, they could be two in a trios bout as well. AAA’s next major event, Rey de Reyes, should be in March. While I would prefer Lady Shani vs Taya in singles competition, a four-way with Shani, Taya, Faby, and Maravilla would be thumbs up as well.

Also notable is Cage. He had a scheduled megacampeonato match against Fenix at Guerra de Titanes, which resulted in him being kicked out of MAD. That title tilt did not go down due to injuries from both. Will Cage be focused on retribution toward MAD? Or will Cage be thrown right back into the championship mix? If so, he’ll have to deal with Laredo Kid who is supposed to be Fenix’s first challenger when returning.

Killer Smokeshow

There hasn’t been much news on the Killer Smokeshow front as of late, but here is a recent photo of Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux together.

My guess is that the picture was taken at the recent Impact tapings in Mexico City. It will be interesting to see if the Killer Smokeshow becomes a crossover story in Impact. Kross is currently feuding with Johnny Mundo and Taya in Impact, so adding Bordeaux to the mix would make sense.

Introducing the Killer Smokeshow into Impact would put the show back on my radar. Heck, I might even check it out on Twitch if I know that foursome comes to feuding fruition.

Tommy Dreamer training in Mexico City

The following doesn’t have anything to do with AAA, but it did occur in Mexico City. So, ...

We’ll finish the news section with a funny. I don’t know what this is for or why Tommy Dreamer is in Mexico City, but it made me chuckle.

My guess is that it was probably for the Impact tapings in Mexico City.

If Dr. Dre’s, “Still D.R.E.,” isn’t your preferred music choice, enjoy a slow motion video of Tommy Dreamer to the sound of, “Push It to the Limit,” by Paul Engemann from the movie Scarface.

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Training montage in Mexico

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Gira de Conquista: Guerra de Titanes

This week’s episode of Gira de Conquista featured Part 1 of Guerra de Titanes, which took place about six weeks ago in real time. I’m only going to cover this episode briefly, since I’ve already written about it. If you are looking for full coverage, there is a preview, results, and review from back when the event was live.

Part 1 featured the Reina de Reinas championship with Faby Apache vs Lady Shani vs La Hiedra vs Scarlett Bordeaux, a trios bout with Maximo, Pimpinela Escarlata, & Mamba against La Mascara, Taurus, & La Parka Negra, and the Latin American championship between Hijo del Fantasma and Drago.

Here are some new observations upon rewatching:

  • The episode began with some photos of Aguascalientes. I find it interesting to see stuff like that for cities I’ve never been to.
  • Next was another chapter in the feud between La Mascara and Maximo. Brazo de Platino, their uncle, was in the ring to have a chat with Mascara. He came not as a luchador but as family. Brazo de Platino made the case for Mascara to end the fighting. He pleaded for Mascara to stop hurting other family members. Mascara replied by saying he is human, made errors, and is an Alvarado at heart. Then, Mascara beat up Brazo de Platino from behind. Mascara finished by saying his blood is Mercenario.
  • It was interesting to observe the pre-match Reina de Reinas championship display by Hijo de Tirantes. He teased Lady Shani by not letting her touch the title, allowed Scarlett Bordeaux to caress him, and then received a kiss from La Hiedra. In hindsight, that appears to have played a role in the ending as Tirantes tended to Hiedra.
  • There was a cutscene for Scarlett in the middle of the Reina de Reinas bout after she left. Scarlett has 11 million views on YouTube and that was the best match AAA could get here? That was a waste of her time. She has something planned for later.
  • I can’t blame Tirantes for quick counting Faby. There was no reason for Faby to place her hands on him in such a whirling backbreaker manner.
  • Lady Shani spoke too fast in her post-match backstage promo, and I didn’t fully understand everything. I think she said that winning the title was the last on her list, Faby Apache can get to the back of the line, she is up for new challenges, and will be respected as the champ.
  • Drago closed the show with a backstage promo. His win is the result of strength and discipline. Drago wants respect. This isn’t the end. Drago is coming for Fantasma’s hair.
  • My favorite highlights of the episode were Faby catching Scarlett in a surfboard submission while Lady Shani slapped on a squatting submission to La Hiedra while she was on top of Faby and the huge upset of Drago beating Fantasma for the Campeonato Latinoamericano.

Bonus match

AAA just posted a ladies trios bout from Ciudad Juarez that didn’t make the cut for the past episode of Gira de Conquista. If you missed that show, I recommend watching, if only for the lucha extrema between Pagano & Joe Lider and Ciclope & Miedo Extremo.

On to the match at hand, Lady Shani, Vanilla, & Starfire vs Keyra, Lady Maravilla, & Zafiro.

The match was a little sloppy. It felt more like a house show than a TV bout. Highlights include a double underhook vertical suplex into a Codebreaker by Starfire, a tiger suplex by Starfire, and a corkscrew crossbody by Vanilla.

It took awhile to get in the groove, but then the heels went full ruda kicking butt all over the place. They even slapped on a vicious triple submission. Later, there was a cool submission train with five luchadoras. Lady Maravilla tried to pin Lady Shani at the head of the train.

For the finish, Lady Shani connected on a Gory Special to bridge pin Lady Maravilla.

That was my first time seeing Zafiro. She was the powerhouse of the match. I think Zafiro would fit in nicely on the AAA ladies roster as a different style than the rest.

That’s a wrap for this week. What plans do you want to see for Taya? How about Cage? Do you want to see the Killer Smokeshow be together in different promotions? How do you feel about the title changes from Part 1 of Guerra de Titanes?

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