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WALTER debuts for NXT UK at TakeOver: Blackpool

The Ring General is in NXT UK at last!

After Pete Dunne bested Joe Coffey to retain the WWE United Kingdom Championship and prolong his epic-length 600+ day title reign at NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool today (for full results check here), he was met by the man who will likely be his next challenger.

As Dunne stood victorious and the “this show is over” copyright bug left the screen, Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9 rang out over the PA system. There are three men in pro wrestling who enter to that piece of music, members of Ringkampf all of them— NXT’s Marcel Barthel would have been intriguing, but unexciting, former Evolve World Champion Timothy Thatcher would have been exciting but exceedingly unlikely, but when WALTER came out, the possibilities coalesced into a solid dose of pure pro wrestling joy.

Upon making his entrance, WALTER squared up with Pete at first, before a recovered Joe Coffey looked to stick his nose into things. The Ring General blasted him off the apron for his trouble before returning to his face-to-face with Dunne, his point clear even without words— “I’m here, and I am coming for your title.”

And he’s got the credentials to prove it— WALTER’s not just the reigning and defending champion of WWE-affiliated indies Progress and OTT, he’s a former PWG World Champion, a 2-time Progress Atlas Division Champion, a 3-time wXw Unified World Wrestling Champion, and a 3-time wXw World Tag Team Champion, one reign each with “Avalanche” Robert Dreissker, Zack Sabre, Jr., and Timothy Thatcher.

The matchup is almost guaranteed to spark interest in NXT UK as the brand continues to establish its footing, with WALTER coming off a red-hot 2018 where he had great match after great match, and Dunne as the consummate champion opposite him. It’s happened once before, for wXw at a Shotgun taping last July. Pete won that match with nothing on the line but pride, but that was a low point in WALTER’s wXw career, as he was wracked with doubt and failing in his home promotion time and again as his attention split thin across all of his other wrestling responsibilities.

Whenever the rematch happens, WALTER will be focused on only one thing— taking the title and ending Dunne’s record-setting reign.

There you have it, folks

Excited for WALTER to get a crack at Pete Dunne’s WWE United Kingdom Championship, Cagesiders?

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