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It’s not a Happy Lana Day thanks to WWE 2K19

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Lana is a playable character in the latest WWE licensed game from 2K Studios. WWE 2K19 will be the first time fans can play as the Ravishing Russian as soon as they load up the game. We should be making kayfabe holiday jokes, right?

Sadly, we can not, as Lana doesn’t approve of the developer’s work...

Personally, I’d be more focused on the lack of a facial resemblance (and that that rating seems a tad high). But the haircut and outfit complaints are certainly valid.

A fan tracked down the model 2K’s designers used. It provides an explanation, but...

In 2K’s defense, Lana doesn’t wrestle on camera a whole lot and only had a handful of SmackDown and Mixed Match Challenge matches under her belt when they started work on this year’s version of the game.

This could get awkward, seeing as Mr. & Mrs. Rusev are hosting the character reveal videos for the game. Fortunately, the Total Divas star’s come up with a good-natured solution:

Happy Tonya Day!