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Lucha Underground recap & review (Sep. 5, 2018): Fenix returns from the dead

The thirteenth episode of season four (Sept. 5) for Lucha Underground featured a supremely awesome cine fight with a death, time traveling, resurrection, more time-traveling, and love. There were matches as well, but who cares. The opening scene was something to behold.

Two characters met their demise this week. I was going to say we won’t be seeing them again, but you never know in Lucha Underground.

Catrina vs Melissa Santos warehouse fight with appearances from Mil Muertes, Aerostar, and Fenix

The scene opened with Mil Muertes kneeling at the altar, while Catrina was fussing, “Don’t you get it? I’m done. I have my life back again. And I’ve been wasting it in this temple with you. We ruled the underworld together, but I never really loved you. The man I truly loved gave me freedom and I’m not throwing it away.” Catrina handed Mil that black power stone as something to remember her by.

Melissa Santos walked up as Catrina walked away from Mil. Close up camera facials with music of dun, dun, dun. Melissa asked, “Where do you think you’re going? Bitch.”


The ladies brawled all over the building in a hand-to-hand combat fighting style. Cool cinematic tricks were in abundance. Windows were broken on skulls. A chain was thrown at Melissa, who gave a ‘What the heck/Oh no you didn’t’ look. A bucket of what might have been piss was thrown in Catrina’s face. “Gross.”

The two eventually made it to the rooftop. A double jacket removal revealing chestiness. Time to take the fight to another level. Lots of rib punches. Catrina grabbed the Piedra Immortal necklace and used the chain to choke Melissa.

Melissa was fading, but she managed to cork off some punches to Catrina’s face. Melissa took control with an over the back arm takeover. Catrina was left hanging on the side of the building. Catrina’s hands trembled on the railing. One hand slipped off. Melissa looked conflicted as whether to let her enemy fall to her death or save a human life.

”Move!” Mil Muertes came up from behind. Mil looked down at Catrina, who smiled at him. “Leave.” Melissa split. Mil grabbed Catrina’s wrist. “Something to remember me by.” Mil placed the black stone into Catrina’s hand then dropped her to her death. Catrina displayed a range of reactions from nervousness to vixen smirk to acceptance to appreciation of receiving her just deserts to disbelief while falling.

Cut to Melissa walking on the ground level by Catrina’s body. Aerostar strolled up. Aerostar asked for Melissa’s help. She handed him the Piedra Immortal necklace. Aerostar did some kung fu hand motions while yelling, “Ahghghghghgh!” The circular device on his chest sucked up black smoke from Catrina’s stone. Aerostar walked away saying he will be back.

10 weeks earlier... We see the scene of Catrina taking Fenix’s life force. After Catrina left, Aerostar flashed. “Ahghghghghgh!” His chest device did some magic. Fenix opened his eyes wide. “Come with me.”

Lucha Underground

Present day... Melissa was standing where Aerostar left her. He walked through the weeds with Fenix behind him doing a subtle pec pop. Melissa hugged her man.

Lucha Underground

Aerostar spoke, “He’s been taken out of time. It will take awhile for him to be the same again.” Aerostar flashed away. Fenix had a fluttering effect in his pupils.

Matt Striker & Vampiro Intro

El Conjunto Nueva Ola played us into the Temple.

Matt Striker mentioned that Johnny Mundo will not be competing in his championship opportunity against Pentagon DARK. They claimed it was due to the beating Johnny took from Matanza at the wedding. Vampiro said the rumor is that Johnny may never return to action.

(What? They are laying it on a bit thick. It doesn’t even come close to matching the generic beatdown from Matanza. Johnny was only slammed through a table. It wasn’t like Matanza went above and beyond in violence.)

Sacrifice to the Gods: Joey Wrestling vs Matanza

Joey Wrestling was in the ring looking for a fight. Antonio Cueto came out with a mic. “Joey, I hear you’re a little upset about my son crashing Johnny’s wedding last week. Well, Joey, good news. You’re going to get a chance for revenge. Tonight, you will have your first ever Lucha Underground match. And I wish I had alerted the paparazzi, because the headlines tomorrow would read, ‘Joey Wrestling arrives in Lucha Underground and becomes the next sacrifice to the gods!’”

Matanza charged to the ring. He took control early, but Joey got in a fair amount of offense. Highlights include a Death Valley Driver by Joey and two ball kicks by Joey.

Joey slapped on a Pedigree with success, but Matanza stood up immediately. Headbutt by Matanza. Avalanche in the corner. Wrath of the Gods to win.

Joey Wrestling has been sacrificed.

The sacrifice had some light and sound effects that I think were new. Could all those sacrifices be powering up an evil force?

Killshot vs Big Bad Steve

Killshot wore new duds; his logo branded sweatshirt and cargo pants. Big Bad Steve was accompanied by Beautiful Brenda. Vampiro wanted to strangle Matt Striker for all the mechanic puns. During the contest, Son of Havoc entered with popcorn and a soft drink to observe the action.

The story was Killshot’s speed vs Steve’s power. There was also Killshot targeting Steve’s not fully recovered ankle injury from Jake Strong many weeks ago. Killshot attacked the lower leg and also stood on Steve’s ankle every time he glared at Havoc.

Highlights include a Saito-plex by Steve, Killshot with a double stomp escape out of a fireman’s carry position, a pop-up cutter by Steve, and a unique facebuster by Steve.

The finish began with Steve trying for a superplex. Killshot got away, kicked Steve’s legs out, then double stomped Steve hanging in the ropes. That led to a top rope double stomp for the win.

Killshot defeated Big Bad Steve via super stomp.

After the match, Killshot was leaving until he came back to mock the crowd and Havoc. Popcorn flew, fists flew, and Killshot’s mask flew right off his head. In the scuffle, Havoc pulled off Killshot’s mask.

Lucha Underground Championship: Pentagon DARK vs Hernandez

Pentagon DARK came out for a promo. He was supposed to fight Johnny Mundo, but the doctor wouldn’t let Johnny wrestle tonight. Pentagon wanted to break bones as a wedding gift to Johnny Mundo and Taya. That led to Pentagon calling out any luchador in the back with balls. Pentagon used a new word to my Spanish vocabulary for balls. I’m not sure how to spell it. Agallas?

Whistle, whistle. Hernandez answered the challenge. Hernandez has the biggest balls in the building. If Pentagon hadn’t been a bitch and broken his arm, he would be champ now. Pentagon mocked Hernandez’s strut with dirty words in Spanish, “Chinga tu madre, cabron.” Vampiro helping, “That was French.” Pentagon spoke in English, “You got balls, but in your head, bitch.” They must not teach English trash-talking in the school of dark arts.

The match was two dudes duding it up.

Both played to the crowd for boos and cheers.

Highlights include Hernandez with a flying shoulder block then leaping over the ropes to the outside.

The story for the finish was Hernandez being somewhat out of shape due to recovering from his broken arm. Pentagon kicked him in the throat, which resulted in heavy breathing for the rest of the fight. Later, Hernandez hit a flying splash, which also took a toll on breathing.

The very end occurred after Pentagon kicked Hernandez in the face on an attempted flying shoulder block. Pentagon dodged a punch and wrapped the big man up for a package piledriver.

Pentagon DARK retained the Lucha Underground championship.

After the match, King Cuerno attacked. He executed the Thrill of the Kill to smash Pentagon’s head on top of the championship belt.

This was a good episode anchored by the action-packed starter. The stories, in the ring and out, were enjoyable. Feuds were teased and progressed. The wrestling was decent enough despite the matchups looking weak on paper.

Whoa! That ten minute opening scene was bonkers. From Catrina dumping Mil to the artistic lady fight to Catrina’s death to Aerostar time-traveling to the return of Fenix to the weird eyeball effect at the end. It ran the gamut of emotions.

What was Catrina’s problem with Mil Muertes? I can understand that conversation shortly after becoming a whole human again. But 10 weeks after it happened? Stifle it. I hope Catrina stays dead. She was mean and nasty to Mil Muertes. What did he do to her? Catrina is mean and nasty in general. She’s a hateful person. Although, I don’t know what it is like to be trapped in the underworld. It might make me mean and nasty too.

On the flip side to pinche Catrina, it was touching to see Melissa and Fenix reunited. Hopefully Fenix didn’t pick up any evil side effects from his resurrection and time travel.

It will be interesting to see how the Piedra Immortal plays into the rest of season four. What does Aerostar want with it? Will Aerostar get the other half from Captain Vasquez? Will Vasquez seek vengeance for her daughter’s (Catrina) death? Will there be a new heroine that takes the whole Piedra Immortal to do work against the evil gods?

Matanza vs Joey Wrestling was a decent little match. I appreciate that Matanza had to use a bit of lower back strategy to put down Joey. I don’t appreciate that it was not on the hardcore side in any way. Joey was supposed to be out for vengeance. A standard wrestling match is not vengeance. This fight did not fit the tone of the bigger story.

That was a star-making performance from Big Bad Steve. Or as big of a star as he will be in regard to his status. The guts displayed to keep fighting despite leg pain won me over as a fan of that character. I wouldn’t mind seeing him again in the Temple, especially in a hoss fight (Steve vs Hernandez?).

Could we be getting mask vs mask in Son of Havoc vs Killshot? If so, then sign me up. I was not expecting that type of stipulation to be present in their feud. I like that Lucha Underground is doing their own homegrown mask vs mask instead of re-using a story from AAA that would make the winner obvious. I have no clue who would win a match of that magnitude between those two, and that makes me excited.

The main event was what you would expect from Pentagon DARK and Hernandez. I enjoyed it. I’m glad Hernandez didn’t have his arm broken again. I’d like to see him work another feud during the next few weeks from the same taping session. Or a hoss fight with Matanza would be interesting.

Who’s pumped for King Cuerno vs Pentagon DARK? I am. Hunt that potty-mouthed ninja man.

One more thing to do. Time to update the injured/dead/sacrificed list: Hernandez, Marty Martinez, Famous B, Big Bad Steve, Fenix, Jeremiah Crane, Mr. Pectacular, Cortez Castro, Mascarita Sagrada, Angelico, Sammy Guevara, Vinnie Massaro, the pizza delivery guy, Vibora, Mala Suerte, Saltador, Father Rick O’Shea, Cage, Benjamin Cook, Cage, Catrina, and Joey Wrestling. Fenix, Steve, and Hernandez have returned, but I’m going to keep names on the list to see how long it gets throughout the season.

Share your thoughts about the episode. Any theories about Fenix’s eyes? Will Catrina be back? How will Mil Muertes act being solo? Who are you picking in a mask vs mask with Killshot against Son of Havoc? Does Hernandez’s strut make you laugh as much as it makes me? Will King Cuerno be able to take down the big game?