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The NWA’s ALL IN video production is WWE-quality

The latest ‘Ten Pounds of Gold’ chronicling the Cody Rhodes/Nick Aldis Worlds Title match is just the latest example.

NWA’s YouTube

I don’t mean to make this about WWE. The point is to share the latest output from Dave Lagana, Billy Corgan and their team at the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), not contribute to any pop culture tribal posturing. Different wrestling companies and products should have different identities, and that the NWA has been able to craft their own is a huge factor in their early success.

But WWE is wrestling for a lot of fans, and the easiest comparison point for even more. And I know I’m not the only one who, no matter how frustrated I might be with week-to-week programming on Raw and SmackDown, can pull up a YouTube hype video or watch the pre-match package on a pay-per-view (PPV) and think, “dang, they’re good at this”.

There have been other companies and shows who occasionally produce work which makes me react that way. But the NWA, and especially their work around ALL IN, is the first to routinely do so. Their HBO Sports-style documentaries aren’t trying to replicate WWE’s blueprint, although they work in elements of it. Series like Ten Pounds of Gold aren’t just establishing an NWA-style though. They also deliver all the information you need to know about the subject at hand while evoking an emotional response to the characters and the drama at the center of the match/feud/show.

The latest episode “Thunder and Lightning”, an accounting of Cody Rhodes journey to capture the NWA Worlds Title from Nick Aldis, is as good as the best WWE video packages. And I don’t say that as a backhanded compliment, but because I hope it’s an effective way to get more people to click play.

I doubt you’ll regret it.

Check it out:

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