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The untold tale of the resurrection of Joey Ryan (and his penis) for ALL IN

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This mega-sized episode of Being The Elite provides a lot of behind-the-scenes footage from Sat., Sept. 1’s historic ALL IN pay-per-view (PPV). Some of it is stuff you may have seen last weekend, just from a different perspective. Much of it is moving, as you get to see how much the event’s success meant to the Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, the rest of the cast an their family and friends. A lot of it is funny, and clever - even in reflective mode, BTE wouldn’t forget to kayfabe a few bits.

But you’re here for the secret behind that turns-out-not-dead famous dick wrestler Joey Ryan and how he returned at Sears Centre to get his revenge on Hangman Page. It’s at around the 8:50 mark:

SPOILER ALERT: It was his hot-ass wife. And steroids.

Stick around for the post-credits scene, too, as Kenny Omega makes peace with several Rhodes-es. An era of BTE has come to an end. What’s next?