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ALL IN won’t put an end to talk of Cody, Kenny, and The Bucks going to WWE

My man Sean put together a thoughtful post backed up with quotes from the main players that seem to point to this talk of The Bullet Club maybe going to WWE being just that, talk, and the success of the ALL IN event being an impetus for that talk to end.

I disagree, for one reason and one reason alone:

Sean made a lot of really great points but the easiest counter to all of those great points is that Wu-Tang was right, y’all — Cash Rules Everything Around Me.

Sure, Cody, Kenny, and The Bucks got to where they are today through a combination of relentless self-promotion and the ability to create their own narrative. Being The Elite is a massive success and shows they absolutely can run an entire operation all themselves.

Well, not entirely themselves. They had plenty of help from New Japan and Ring of Honor, for instance, and they wouldn’t be here without those promotions and how they allow for this kind of creativity to flourish.

WWE does not allow for that, this is true, but you’re making a dangerous assumption if you believe that is the be all, end all in the decision making process here. Yeah, they can do it all themselves, but there’s something to be said about not having to. There’s also something to be said for security, and that’s something only money can provide. No, they aren’t hurting doing what they’re doing now, but they’re logging a lot of miles, and a lot of time away from home. ALL IN was a major success, yes, but it was also hugely taxing, on their time, their energy, and their ability to focus on much of anything else.

So it’s worth at least sitting down and considering the fact that such a success only better positions them in negotiations. They’ve given themselves even more leverage. Will they get to control creative in WWE? No. But they will make a ton of money to better support their families, something they’ve always said was the most important thing. All those trips to Japan start to add up on a long enough timeline.

The WWE schedule is brutal, yes, but, again, they would be taking a lot off their plate and replacing it with a whole lot of cold hard cash. Thrown in the allure of the biggest stage, and a WrestleMania moment, and the fact that if it doesn’t work out they can go right back to where they were and, well, can’t you see how it seems like maybe actually it could be the right decision to sign with WWE?

I’m not saying they will, and maybe it’s the right decision not to, but at the very least I don’t think ALL IN should put an end to talk of it. If anything, it should ramp it up.

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