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Of course Chris Jericho worked his post-ALL IN Fozzy gig in Pentagon make-up

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Coming out of ALL IN this past Saturday (Sept. 1), whether or not Chris Jericho stayed in the Pentagon Jr. make-up he wore in Chicago while rocking out on stage in Kansas later than night was low on my list of questions. Surely, a private jet trip would leave Fozzy’s lead singer ample time to wipe off the paint he used to surprise Kenny Omega with an attack designed to build heat for the Alpha Club vs. Bullet Club tag match on Y2J’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Rager at Sea, right?

He could have washed his face, absolutely. But that wouldn’t be very Chris Jericho, would it? Jericho’s said stuff and done something else plenty of times in the past. That would be very Chris Jericho. So, which was it?

Kevin Owens didn’t call him The GOAT for nothing, folks.