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AAA Worldwide: Bathroom fight!

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This week’s episode (Part 2) of AAA Worldwide continued from Ecatepec. One last reminder if you were expecting fallout from Triplemania XXVI. This episode was filmed prior and it will be a chunk of weeks until the TV timeline catches up to Triplemania.

Let’s get to the best part of the show. BATHROOM FIGHT!

Lady Shani was taking a picture with a fan when Faby Apache attacked out of nowhere. Their brawl spilled into the men’s bathroom. A hand washer was kicked in the butt. A urinal user was watching without thinking to pinch his stream. I can’t blame him. That can be an uncomfortable task, especially if he was drinking beer all day. The action crashed into him.

Next up was a dumping dude. The ladies barged into the sanctuary of the stall.

Lucha Libre AAA

He ran away with his pants down. Faby continued with more fury culminating with vicious ass slaps in succession; to Shani, not the man with lowered trousers.

Who doesn’t love a bathroom fight? It was one minute of action-packed hilarity.

First impression of Killer Kross in the ring

I had yet to have seen Killer Kross working his craft in the ring. It has only been enforcer-style garbage disposal in jeans. Kross wrestled in the trios main event during this episode.

I will have to hold off on judgement in terms of ring ability. The match was a street fight of sorts. Kross pretty much stuck to kicks, punches, and usage of objects.

On the plus side, Kross has sports entertainment elements down pat. He possesses a menacing physique and presence. His facial expressions were not overdone. They were used in the right moments for great effect. Kross also worked the crowd up effectively as a meanie.

Lucha Libre AAA

One big tease was a hoss showdown with Murder Clown. They didn’t engage in full blows, but there was tension built to erupt for an eventual clash. I, for one, will be excited to see those two throw down.

What are your impressions of Killer Kross?

Konnan threatened Fenix

Konnan had a quick backstage promo. Fenix was the target of his ire. The gist was that Fenix made a big error interfering in Verano de Escandalo. Despite their friendship in the past, Konnan will not forget what Fenix did. The next time Fenix sticks his nose in business that does not concern him, the only thing he will see will be darkness. In other word, Fenix will be knocked the F out.

I’m eager to see Fenix make an appearance on the weekly show. It is a little anti-climactic knowing the results of Triplemania XXVI, but that should not dampen the enjoyment of seeing Fenix in the ring against MAD members.

Other action:

El Poder del Norte defeated Aramis, Bandido, & Flamita

The best match of the episode (at 7:30) featured all kinds of high-flying. It began with testiness as Aramis extended for a handshake of sportsmanship only to be greeted with his hand being spit on by one of El Poder del Norte. I still haven’t been able to remember who is who in El Poder del Norte.

El Poder del Norte controlled the flow with 3-on-1 beatings. Highlights include a backward jumping corkscrew by Bandido and teamwork of a slingshot into a chair whack by the Trios champs.

The finish began with Bandido executing a rotating leap over the ropes.

Lucha Libre AAA

That left two members of El Poder del Norte in the ring. A chairshot to the back of Flamita on the turnbuckles then a super powerbomb to dispose of him. Aramis was next to feel wrath. A cradle around the back slam and a flying elbow were enough for Aramis to be pinned in a losing effort.

Lucha Libre AAA

Lady Shani, Pimpinela Escarlata, & Black Mamba defeated Faby Apache, Australian Suicide, & La Parka Negra

The match (at 24:30) began with the men taking turns in action. Pimpinela Escarlata had a funny moment of using a fake out Karate Kid crane kick pose as a distraction leading to an eye poke.

The big moment was a confrontation between Lady Shani and Faby Apache. Faby would get in the ring, circle around, then lean through the ropes to avoid engaging. Faby tagged out before any fisticuffs occurred. La Parka Negra entered, which allowed Faby to attack Shani from behind. So treacherous.

Faby pulled out a cookie sheet to smash over Shani’s head multiple times leading to blood. Shani would get a bit of payback later by using the cookie sheet and closed-fist punches. Shani smeared her own blood all over Faby’s face.

There weren’t many memorable maneuvers until the finish. The exoticos dispatched the men with flying attacks.

Lucha Libre AAA

That left Shani vs Faby one-on-one. Shani quickly executed two fancy pin attempts. Both were kick outs at two. The third time was the charm as Shani countered a hurricanrana into the win.

Faby attacked after the bell with a lungblower. Taurus came down to the ring to blast Shani with a chair to the head. He then took Shani’s mask. Faby used the mask to shine up her boots. Such disrespect!

Psycho Clown, La Parka, & Pagano defeated Texano, Rey Escorpion, & Killer Kross

I assume this was a street fight despite not hearing it mentioned by the announce team. It was probably edited out to dub over generic entrance music so as not to upset YouTube copyright rules.

Rey Escorpion kicked off the action with an ambush on Psycho Clown as he was mingling with fans. There were crutches, trash cans, chairs, and tables. I would say it was a medium level street fight. Nothing excessive.

Announce mentioned that Konnan gave Killer Kross direct orders to pummel La Parka. I didn’t catch that the first time watching. Kross’ involvement makes more sense now.

Highlights include a spear through a table by Psycho to Escorpion, a top rope guillotine leg drop by Pagano to Texano, and a Tower of Doom with Kross on the most impactful point.

Near the end, MAD interference ran wild. The funny thing is that Kross was in control when Jack Evans and Juventud Guerrera intervened. Murder Clown ran out to even the odds. Evans hit Murder with a chair to the back. No effect. Unfortunately for Evans, he turned around to celebrate. Murder chokeslammed him.

Juvi was next. Murder had him pressed over his head. El Hijo del Fantasma ran down to kick Murder in the balls. Psycho made a swipe at Fantasma, but Fantasma slid out of the ring to back up the entrance ramp.

That transitioned into the finish. Psycho Clown hit a suicide dive onto Escorpion. Pagano dropped from above onto Texano through a table.

Lucha Libre AAA

Back in the ring, Psycho connected on a flying crossbody block to Escorpion. A nifty pin gave Pyscho’s team the win.

After the match, Fantasma stole the masks of Psycho and Murder while Evans two step shuffled by his side. Fantasma grabbed a mic to say he was going after all the clowns (literally and figuratively). Those clowns in the ring, Dave the Clown, and the other clowns in Poker de Ases, LA Park and Pentagon Jr. Fantasma also said something to Psycho with three bleeps in it. I couldn’t make out the words. Fantasma closed by saying it is his moment.

Lucha Libre AAA

This week’s AAA Worldwide was an okay episode. The opening contest was lucha libre fun. The bathroom fight was a hoot. It lost some steam after that. Not that it was bad, just that it wasn’t my cup of tea. I find La Parka to be a little boring in the ring. Pagano and Psycho Clown have their moments, however, their styles usually don’t get me excited.

I expect things to pick up again when Fenix shows up on screen. Hopefully that will be next week. Until then, be careful when using public restrooms.