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‘Chubby but chingon’: Pentagon meeting Steve Austin

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Since beginning to tackle the lucha libre beat, some stories that flew under the radar pop up. One such item is Pentagon and Fenix meeting Steve Austin back in April.

The backstory comes from Vampiro as a guest on The Steve Austin Show in March. The conversation turned to talk of Pentagon.

Austin: How’s Pentagon Jr. doing? Because I was watching all these clips and he’s a big part of them. And I just love that gimmick.

Vampiro: Yeah, he’s awesome. Um, he’s getting a little pudgy. He’s getting a little pudgy.

Austin: Wow.

Vampiro: Getting a little pudgy.

Austin: Jesus Christ, a little stiff here.

Vampiro: Little pudgy. And I will attribute it to, and as you well know, if you fall into that habit of working indie shows every day and you’re flying here and there, the last thing you want to do is eat right and go to the gym. But, that’s your business. So it’s such a hard... You know you’re sleeping on a plane, you’re waiting four or five hours for your connection, you get home, you got to slam something down, because tomorrow you go back to work. I think that he has become so popular and he’s working so much that he’s getting fat. Does that make sense? But, he’s in shape. He’s solid and he’s strong. Don’t get me wrong now, I’m not jobbing out the guy, but I do notice that he’s a little bit more pudgier. Yeah, yeah?

Austin: Yeah, but he’s all covered up. He’s not a body guy.

Vampiro: Definitely not, and he better stay covered up.

Pentagon’s response was to simply say:

Later down the line, the Lucha Brothers got to meet Steve Austin and presented him with a gift.

There are so many little things which are great in that video. First off, Pentagon’s t-shirt that he handed to Austin, “I am chubby but chingon!” The Spanish word chingon sort of means badass. I wouldn’t be surprised if that shirt could outsell Cero Miedo shirts.

Luchadores in fine clothes while still wearing their masks always crack me up.

The best is Austin’s jubilant reaction of, “Gahhhh!” That sound needs to be made into a ringtone.

Now, excuse me while I fantasize about the dream match of Steve Austin vs Pentagon. Cero Miedo 3:16 says I just whipped your chubby ass.