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It just wasn’t a good week for Divas

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Or WWE’s television numbers.

Sheamus on Twitter

A week which featured Monday night’s Brie Bella/Liv Morgan incident dominate the wrestling conversation and disappointing audiences for Raw (on television) and SmackDown (in the arena) had at least one more piece of bad news for WWE.

The second episode of the eighth season of Total Divas had the smallest audience in series history at 390,000 viewers. That’s down 64K viewers from Sept. 19’s smallest ever audience for a premiere.

It’s overall demographic share among 18 - 49 year olds fell to .17. We can’t tell you how they did with the women’s audience WWE touts for their E! reality series, because since these numbers dropped them out of the top 50 among cable originals for Sept. 26, our source (Showbuzz Daily) doesn’t have gender breakouts for the ratings.


The episode was promoted heavily as a “tearjerker” as it featured Paige’s retirement as a wrestler.

Bad timing? The decision to run against the Mae Young Classic, at least live, hurting them? Just network premiere week and yet another outrageous week in politics drawing people away from long-running cable reality shows?

We’ll find out as the season goes on.